Top 5 best smartphones for Audiophiles

An Audiophile is a person enthusiastic about high fidelity sounds. This kind of crowd loves music at such a extent that they just don’t get satisfy with 128 kbps , but 320 Kbps or music with variable bit rate. It includes people listening to conventional formats but paying more attention on quality of sound. Recently, there has been interest in audio file formats like FLAC, WMA, Apple Lossless, DTS and AC-3. Their goal is to capture the experience of a live musical performance and also to reproduce it. The term high end refers to the sound Equipments like Headphones,Amplifier, turntables, Digital to Analog Converters, subwoofers, etc. Nowadays, this kind of Quality is available with Smartphones also featuring different sound enhancement technologies to get most out of your device.I have selected smartphones for audiophiles by considering their sound enhancement technologies.

LenovoA6000/A6000 plus Audiophiles

Lenovo A6000/A6000 plus

This smartphones consist of Dolby Digital plus for sound enhancement. It provides different options for Movie,Sound,Game and also custom setting for the Equalizer. When you enable this technology on your smartphone, you will get immersive sound experience in 6 channels. It also plays .AC3 audio files which has bit rate around 448 kbps.

A7000/k3 Note Audiophiles

Lenovo A7000/k3 Note/Vibe K5 Plus

These smartphones consist of Dolby Atmos sound enhancement Technology. It also provides options for Movie,music ,game and custom options. It consist of multidimensional sound technology which gives you the experience of 360 degree sound. It supports upto 8 channels. with every dolby encoded movies, you will get the experience surround sound All-around.

Iphone Audiophiles

Apple iphone

Apple iphone, ipad and itouch series consist of their own codec Apple Lossless Audio Codec which supports upto 8 channels of sound with 16,20,24 and 32 bit depth rated at 384 kbps with file name .m4a extension. It had got its own dedicated amplifier which is a boon for the audiophiles.Apple iphone and their sound technology is a choice of music composer like Hans Zimmer, A R Rahman.

htc one m8 Audiophiles

HTC One M8

HTC comes with Boom sound technology which used to amplify the sound depending on the user’s input.It controls and optimizes bass and sound.There is also Bass to treble balancing software which senses the temperature and provides the best audio output on single click button.

huawei honor 4x Audiophiles 

Huawei honor 4X

you can hear your favorite tracks in 5.1 channel surround sound as this smartphone comes with DTS audio processing and an integrated speaker. DTS is a Dolby Theatre sound processing which gives more sound out of box, like the loud sound in Theatre. Audiophiles,  which gets addict to Loud sound will love this piece of sound technology.

So,there are many smartphones available in market, but few to mention among them and  audiophiles got to focus on something like smartphones available with sound enhancement Technology.

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