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Gaming CPU mostly supports multi-threading and multi-tasking operations. They have the capability to render 3D objects and calculates arithmetical and logical operations. For gaming, you need a clock speed above 3.0 GHz and quad-core and octa-core processors will do the rest of the task. The more cache memory you will have, gaming performance will be that great.

I selected some of the modern CPU based on Intel and AMD which is good for gaming.

AMD FX 6350

Gaming CPU FX 6350
AMD FX 6350

AMD FX 6350 based on second generation bulldozer architecture. It is made on 32 nm manufacturing process. It consumes low power, so temperature is low. It has turbo core 3.0 technology which provides the boost in clock rate of the processor. FX 6350 is a six core processor, which means there are 3 modules consisting of 2 cores each. It is a 3.9 GHz processor with 2 MB of L2 cache each core and total 8 MB cache. Improvement in Instruction per clock cycle improve the performance of this processor than the previous generation bulldozer processor.

Intel i5 6600K

Gaming CPU i5 6600K
Intel i5 6600K

Intel’s latest processor which is the first of two processor released in Aug 2015. This processor is the latest one from 6th generation processors on Intel i-series. It is based on 14 nm manufacturing process. Intel is focusing on very low power processor without compromising performance. It is clocked @ 3.5 GHz and turbo clock the processor from 3.6-3.9 GHz. It also resides new Graphic processor HD 530 with L3 cache of 6 MB. It requires new socket LGA 1151. It will support for DDR3, DDR4 memory modules, but one at a time can be installed in your system. Integrated GPU supports for DirectX 12. HEVC acceleration is in-built into these processors

AMD A10-7870K

Gaming CPUs A10-7870K

AMD A10-7870K is the latest Accelerated processing unit consist of CPU and GPU cores on a single silicon die. This APU is based on 3rd generation bulldozer architecture named as “Steamroller” and Graphics based on GCN architecture. A10-7870k is the fastest APU with clock speed of 3.9 GHz. R7 series graphics based on GCN clocked @ 866 MHz with DirectX 12 support and DDR3 Ram support upto 2166 MHz. As it support for DirectX 12, it can play any games on its own without dedicated graphic card at medium-high settings. If you want more performance, you can cross fire AMD graphic card with this processor.

AMD FX 8370

AMD FX 8350 Gaming CPU
AMD FX 8370

AMD FX 8370 is a 8-core Processor based on same architecture as that of FX 6350. The clock speed is greater than that of FX 6350. This processor was the latest from the AMD FX series. It launched with FX 8370 low power processor. It has 8 MB L2 cache and 8 MB L3 cache. with L2 cache, it support for gaming performance. This processor’s single core performance is better than the rest of AMD FX processors, Hence the performance will be great at its price point.

Intel i7 6700K

Gaming CPU intel i7 6700K
Intel i7 6700K

Intel i7 6700k is the latest generation processors. Intel’s previous generation processors are also good for gaming. This processor is based on same skylake architecture. It is a 4.0 GHz processor and mostly used for rendering heavy tasks and data processing operations. These processors consist of all the new instruction set, which is required to run modern games and applications.

What I came to Know?

Games requires a great single core performance from Gaming CPU. AMD and Intel with its new iterations are improving the instruction per clock cycle. These helps to perform well and to use less power. Architecture also matters in gaming. Intel processor from ivy to skylake will perform better in gaming than those Old school dual core processors. AMD phenom and FX series are better in Gaming. New APU series from AMD allows you to play games directly on the processors without dedicating graphics hardware. Gaming CPU also requires a great physics score. Will it able to calculate the physics required in applications and games. Hence, you need to choose your Gaming CPU wisely.

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  1. Which is the best choice if we consider gaming intel or amd??

    1. I would vote for both Intel and AMD.both are good for gaming.
      AMD is cheaper than Intel, so AMD provides same performance at low price.
      But If you want more performance than you should definitely go for Intel Core i7.

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