Tatasky plus Transfer- what’s new???

Tataskyplus Transfer

On 6th  september 2015,venue:st.Regis,mumbai,Tata sky have launched their new product “TataSky plus Transfer”.Its says “Record.Transfer.Carry” Lets see what it is?

TataSky plus Transfer Event
TataSky + Transfer Event
Introduction-TataSky+ Transfer

TataSky is a DTH(Direct-to-Home service) which enables the direct broadcast satellite television. It used MPEG-4 Digital Compression Technology. This Technology is a compression technology which improves the audio and video delivery to home using satellites. It offers 300 standard definition channels, 33 High-definition channel and 1 3D VOD(Video-on-demand) channel. They have also started supplying 4K set Top Boxes from 2015.

Tatasky plus Transfer is a successor to the version of previous Tatasky HD. The features of Tata sky plus Transfer are as follows:

  •  Transfer Recorded Content

This feature is new and highlighted in TataSky plus Transfer which enables the transfer of content from your TataSky plus Transfer set top box to any mobile devices via Home wi-fi network.

  •    View Recorded Content

After you have transfer the content on your registered device, you can view it anywhere,anytime-so you don’t need to access it through wi-fi or internet.

  •    Stream Recorded Content

This feature is more useful than recording to your device. you can directly stream the recorded content from your set top box to your device through wi-fi.

  •      HD Recording

This allows to record your favorite shows in High definition.

  •      Storage

This feature comes only with TataSky plus Transfer and provides upto 500 GB of space to record your shows and favorite movies. But you can’t share the recorded content to anyone.

  •       Rewind.forward.pause

Don’t  miss your favourite scene again. you can skip the boring clips, replay the scene you want and freeze your favourite moments. It’s the television you like.

  •        1080i resolution

when we talk about HD resolution,it is 1920 x 1080 which is interlaced,not progressive.Interlaced consumes less bandwidth than progressive but providing same video quality.This display resolution is 5 times sharper than standard resolution videos(576i).

  •        16:9 wide aspect ratio

TataSky plus Transfer brings you the enhanced viewing experience with a much wider screen, providing a wide aspect ratio of 16:9.

  •        Dolby Digital surround sound

Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound gives the cinema like sound experience.This technology is hardware implemented in Tatasky plus Transfer, it is far better than software decoding providing immersive sound experience with your home theatre.

  •         Video on Demand

Tata Sky brings you the India’s first Video on Demand service. Now watch your favorite movies, TV Shows & concerts whenever you want.

we had a talk with digital marketing team of TataSky to discuss about the delay video transferring as 30 minutes of video will take 30 minutes to transfer the video to your portable device. It actually transcode  the video in real time. The tranferred video resolution is 220p which is not so good but viewable and AAC audio format which is a good audio format.But they said that, “with new technology ,the transfer time will decrease and video quality will increase”. In future, we can see the revisions of TataSky Transfer.

How I would have use the transfer feature?

I like watching series like Flash,silicon valley and many more. When my family members are watching serials, and I am not able to watch it. Then I would use the recorded episodes to directly stream on my mobile devices. I  can use the recorded content to get transfer on my device,so while travelling to my work place. I can easily watch the latest episodes on my portable devices.Hence, it will satisfy everyone’s entertainment needs.

you can buy one on the link available here: TataSky plus Transfer

TataSky Transfer

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