Microsoft HoloLens development Edition

A year ago Microsoft¬†demonstrated about their Microsoft Hololens technology. They have been in contact¬†with developers for creating Holographic future together. They also claimed that they have made a lot of progress with this technology. Developers have suggested lot of ideas and contributed to its ecosystem using ¬†“Share your Idea” campaign.

DirectX 12-A Game changing interface

Modern multi-core and multi-threaded CPU cannot cope up with performance growth of graphic cards.processor core count is increasing day by day and still GPU using same API for its respective graphic architecture, creating the API/Driver overhead,which is a serious problem for new game designers from preventing new games designs to be explored.Developers want a direct hardware access to recover performance lost by previous graphics APIs.

Inside Xbox one

XBOX One is a gaming console from Microsoft for playing Modern Directx 11 games.It is a successor to the XBOX 360 and third console in the XBOX Family.Moving from XBOX 360 which features x86 computing and now XBOX one which was able to compute the x86-64 Simultaneously.The power of x64 bit computing to the gaming consoles was made possible with the Fusion System Architecture(or HSA) from AMD.