Intel 8th Generation KabyLake G-series is enormous

KabyLake G-series

One of the most surprising product announced in 2017 was Intel’s 8th Generation processor with AMD Radeon Graphics, which is an unusual combination between two competitors. KabyLake G-series, which was announced back in 2017, is an excitement of 2018. Followers from blue team and red team are eagerly waiting for this processor.

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My First Encounter with Server system

Server is a system that accepts and responds to the request made by client. As a newbie to the Networking and Server technology, I ‘ve just heard about the Server system. But while working with Avishkar Interiors, I came to know about the Networking is not only about the server installation. we have to start from the Scratch from laying the data and voice cables for Networking. Data cables, commonly used CAT-6 for networking must be laid in the Raceways and Cabletrays. So, there is a passive part and Active part of Networking.

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Intel Iris pro graphics overview

Intel Iris pro Graphics

Intel processor graphics provide the graphics, compute, media, and display for many of our processors including the 6th gen Intel Core processors. This is the latest 9th generation graphic processing from Intel. First, they were using PowerVR graphic processors in their old generation processors and in Intel ATOM processors. But they came out with their graphic processing unit solution from Intel HD 2000 to the latest one from Intel Iris pro graphics.

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Do you really need a 128-bit or higher bit processor???


Do you really need a 128-bit computing??? Lets find it in a discussion stated below.

X86 computing starts with the 32-bit computing. New instruction for 32-bit were developed by Intel. Therefore, it is called as Intel86 processor. pentium series were containing a number as 386,486 and so on. 32-bit computing can access upto 4GB of RAM. Whenever you install a 32-bit operating system, it can access upto 4GB of memory. If you installed 8GB of RAM in 32 bit operating system, half of the memory is unused. Then, 64-bit computing came into existence.

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Intel Curie Creativeness – CES 2016

Intel Curie is the smallest processor from Intel. It can pack itself in a size of earpiece of small earphones. It is powering the next generation drones and wearables. It is the smallest processor I haven’t seen in my lifetime. It is smallest from one which is in Intel’s Galileo.

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Top 5 best Gaming CPU

Gaming CPU star wars battlefront

Gaming CPU mostly supports multi-threading and multi-tasking operations. They have the capability to render 3D objects and calculates arithmetical and logical operations. For gaming, you need a clock speed above 3.0 GHz and quad-core and octa-core processors will do the rest of the task. The more cache memory you will have, gaming performance will be that great.

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Apple Macbook pro and iMac with Retina Display

Apple have updated about their product 15-inch “Macbook pro” with Retina Display and new Force Touch Trackpad. It will have Faster flash storage, longer battery life and faster discrete graphics, delivering even more performance and capabilities to the Macbook pro line. They have also introduced new iMac with new configuration of 27-inch 5k Retina display with intel Quad core i5 processors and AMD graphics.

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