AMD Ryzen Computing to new Horizon

At Austin event, AMD unveils its new Zen based high performance desktop processor. It is based on Zen Architecture (codenamed as”Summit Ridge”). In this event, enthusiasts got their hands on with this Desktop processor. It will officially launch in Q1 of 2017. Inspired by the Architecture, AMD has named this processor as AMD Ryzen which will be a new lineup of processors.

AMD PRO A-series APU has launched

On 29th September¬†2015,¬†¬†AMD introduced its most powerful line of AMD PRO A-Series mobile and desktop processors (formerly codenamed “Carrizo PRO” and “Godavari PRO”) to deliver exceptional value and performance for today’s challenging workloads. The new line of AMD PRO A-Series processors offer enhanced performance, reliability and opportunity to business users and IT decision makers and are designed for the future with Microsoft Windows 10.

How to choose a processor???


They are made of silicon chips. AMD and Intel processors are made of instruction sets that define the unique quality of the processor. Instruction Set Architecture of these desktop and Laptop CPUs will same as only Instruction set will be added in the latest generation of processor.