SHAKTI India’s First Microprocessor

Shakti Microprocessor

Shakti is an opensource processor program initiated by RISE Group at IIT Madras. This program includes not only production grade processors, but also fabrication components, peripherals and Storage controllers.

After hearing about the microprocessor program initiated by India, the one thought came into my mind that we will also be in a race of building processors like INTEL and AMD. Shakti will be competing with other processors in the market in the area of power and performance.

The Shakti project will be consisting family of 6 processors. It will be based on RISC-V Architecture. They will be making Socket on chips(SoCs) for 6 processors. RISC-V is an open source architecture, which will not be licensed architecture.

Source code of all the components of the SHAKTI project are open sourced under the 3 part BSD license and will be royalty and patent free (as far as IIT-Madras is concerned, we will not assert any patents). Which basically means, you can use, modify and distribute this code as long as it meets the license terms.

Shakti has prepared a family of processors for different segment of systems. They have categorized into Base Processors, Multi-core processors and Experimental processors.

shakti’s intial batch of 300 processors is fabricated by Intel, which is able to run Linux operating system.

Note : we will be updating more information regarding Shakti Microprocessor. STAY TUNED

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