Sennheiser Orpheus pursuit of perfect sound

Sennheiser Orpheus

In 1991, Sennheiser created best headphone in the world called as “Orpheus”. After 24 years, they have done it again. Sennheiser have launched the most expensive headphone in the world called as “Orpheus Reborn”. Axel Grell is the chief developer of the new Orpheus headphones.

What is the beauty of it???

Sennheiser Orpheus are beautifully made and equipped with perfect Engineering . It also features state of an art of technology to transform music into something live. It is the first electrostatic headphone featuring a Cool class A-MOSFET high voltage amplifier integrated into ear cups. In above image, you can see the tubes which is useful for momentary pause to let the tubes of an amplifier to reach its optimum temperature.

you can listen hidden places  in your music. It produces sound in the range of 8 Hz to 100 KHz. Orpheus take you where the lowest distortion of sound ever measured in a sound system. 0.01 % at 1 KHz.

Advantage of Tube Amplifiers and transistor Amplifiers

Sennheiser Orpheus
vacuum tubes

The vacuum tubes are loaded on the amplifier helps to produce the sound that you have never listen before. For digital to analogue conversion, the amplifier receives digital signals via optical and coaxial SPDIF inputs or USB input, it also accepts high-resolution PCM and DSD data. There is not just one DAC , but 8 DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) is used to convert music data into analog signals. Four channels in parallel are used for each stereo side to enhance accuracy and decrease distortion and noise level.

They are something more than the headphones. The power amplifier is actually built within the head cups. earpads are handmade from leather and a soft, allergen-free velour/microfibre construction. The vacuum tubes generate the base effect and there is  a glow in the tube which can be seen when the base rises up.

Sennheiser Orpheus comes with solid block of carrara marble. On this block of marble, there are amplifiers made of glass. To create a visually stunning design, control dials are painstakingly crafted to the highest quality. Each dial is milled from a single piece of brass before being plated with chrome. This is music turned into an object.

I don’t know how it feels to listen to the Sennheiser orpheus. but this headphone is like heaven to an audiophile. but, this headphone is not portable and affordable, because it just cost for  55,000 $ (approx 36 lakhs in rupees) only.

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