Samsung Curved Display – Gaming Monitors CES 2016

Samsung Curved Display

One exciting part of CES 2016 is Gaming Devices. Samsung curved Display with Samsung’s three-monitor ultra-wide setup for the EA game Battlefield 4 has gotten a particularly enthusiastic response. The setup was placed in a row to create horizontal view. They have also devised this setup using its new 27-inch, 1800R curvature monitors.

According to Samsung, it is the most smooth viewing surface, for the most immersive viewing experience yet. Gamers demands for the display that can fulfill their display vision. So they can play today’s games without lagging or stuttering.

Samsung’s new curved monitors—the CF591, CF391, CF390 and CF 398—curve with a radius of 1.8 meters. The CF390 and CF 391 each have a single HDMI port, while the CF591 has two HDMI ports and a Display Port input. The most tighest curvature in the market is found in the Samsung curved TV. The curve helps to sense the surrounding players in the game. It gives immersive experience to the consumers or gamers.

Samsung says the CF591 has a 178-degree viewing angle, giving you ( plenty of space to sit in front of the monitor. Dual 5W speakers are onboard.

Samsung curved Display
Visitor playing EA’s NBA 2016

In addition to that curvature technology, each of Samsung’s gaming monitors helps prevent eye strain and fatigue with embedded flicker-free and Eye Saver technologies.

Samsung curved Display are also supported by AMD FreeSync Technology Over HDMI. It synchronizes the frame rates with the AMD Radeon Graphic card Technology. It helps to reduce latency, stutter and lag during gaming.

Together, these technologies impressed the visitors who streamed through the Samsung exhibition over the course of CES.  many calling Samsung’s 1800R monitors the most natural-feeling and immersive on the market for gaming.

In CES 2016, Samsung booth also set up a special gaming room where visitors could play the games on the new 1800R monitors.

Gamers can take an advantage of both curved display and Freesync technnology. Games like Battlefield 4, Dirt Rally will look visually beautiful and stunning in performance.

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