Qualcomm Snapdragon 212, 412 and 616 announced

Qualcomm snapdragon

Qualcomm, mostly known for its high end processors are focusing on low end processor devices. It has recently launched 212 and 412 snapdragon processors to compete with the chip maker MediaTek, which mostly focuses on affordable and low power devices. These new processors aim to add more capability to low end smartphones. Both using the same previous architecture with the increase in clock speed and 4G LTE capability.

Snapdragon 212

The snapdragon 212 will feature ARM A7 quad core processor clocked @1.3 GHz. It will have LDDR2/DDR3 ram clocked @533 MHz. It will support H.265(HEVC) decoder which will give superior quality @ 1080p videos and will consume less bandwidth. Adreno 304 GPU for entry level smartphones and tablets,but it will also support advance graphic APIs. Also support up to an 8 Megapixel camera and Full HD video capture and playback.As an entry level smartphones,it will support 720 display resolution and also external displays are supported. It is also coupled with Integrated X5 LTE with support upto 150 Mbps. It comes with Quick charge 2.0 technology which charges the device 75% faster than the original charging.

snapdragon 412

The snapdragon 412 will feature ARM A-53 Quad core processor clocked @1.4 GHz. But the CPU capability for both 32-bit and 64-bit. It will have LDDR2/DDR3 ram clocked @533 MHz. It will have Adreno 306 GPU and the 13MP camera is improved with JPEG decoder on hardware.It supports for 1920×1200 resolution.These processors and its successors supports for multimedia features such as dolby 5.1 sound and DTS sound. But it comes with Quick charge 1.0 technology.

Snapdragon 616

The snapdragon 616 will feature ARM big.little technology which consist of Quad core 1.7 GHz A53 +Quad core 1.2 GHz A53.It will have Adreno 405 GPU which supports latest DirectX 11.2 API with hardware tessellation(acceleration).It will have DDR3 800 MHz RAM.Camera quality will be much better due to support of ISP which can process upto 600 MP/s. It is also backward compatible with snapdragon 410.

What I think???

It is a great solution to provide “HD and beyond HD” quality videos to perform seamlessly on such a low power processor by integrating  H.265 video decoder on the processors. Qualcomm snapdragon 212 will not create with any CPU overhead while playing HD videos, because it will consume less bandwidth. H.265 video decoder is going to help chip maker companies to use less bandwidth for video processing. Qualcomm has started taking implementing High Efficiency Video Compression to their SoCs. Mediatek,a low end chip maker company had its own processors, but never implemented its features in hardware like Snapdragon. Also implementing in hardware is power efficient and expecting a better performance from all these processors in the future.


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