Qualcomm heading towards 5G



On Hot chips 2015, Qualcomm revealed about the 5G connectivity by providing fabric connectivity for everything. when we talked “fabric connectivity for everything” which requires new connectivity pattern to connect everything.

New Connectivity pattern should consist of:-

  • Human connectivity:- Scaling the network connectivity to connect virtually everything and anywhere.
  • Devices as end-points:- Portable devices are connected in a new ways so that they can interact intelligently.
  • Best effort data services:- There is also require new kind of control and discovery  services.
  • Disparate networks:- with different networks,there is a need of convergence of access,spectrum types and services.

Mobile computing has made a leap in every 10 years and Qualcomm has played an important role in fueling these leaps. In 1990s, mobile phones using 2G network were ready for digital voice services.In 2000s, mobile phones were ready to use 3G services and in 2010, Qualcomm was device-ready for 4G services for faster and better communication.

In 2015, Qualcomm is ready for enabling new services and new user experiences for 5G networks.


5G will be scalable across extreme variations such as Strong security, Ultra-high reliability, Ultra low latency, Ultra-low complexity, Ultra-low energy, Ultra-high density.This features enables mission critical services such as Industrial Automation, Medical, Automotive, Aviation and Robotics. It will be also possible to scale down to connect low cost things implemented in Smart homes, Smart cities, Wearables, Remote sensors, Energy Management and Object Tracking.It will scalable up for extreme mobile broadband enabling applications such as virtual reality, Ultra-HD Streaming, tactile Internet.

5G will built on OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) family foundation. It will be better for mobile broadband and other use case services like Ultra reliable services.unified 5G designs across three types of spectrum and bands

  • Licensed spectrum
  • Shared Licensed spectrum
  • Unlicensed spectrum

Qualcomm has also represented 5G as multi-dimensional and multi-connectivity, so it can access 4G,5G and wi-fi services. It can also connect across any access node. It can also connect across portable devices.

                          In coming years, 4G and 5G will be driving parallel to use their full potential improving cost and energy efficiency. It will be enabling new wider services with a much more capable platform. It will also scale upto LTE for Internet of Things(IoT).

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