Gaming in PC vs Gaming Consoles

pc vs gaming consoles for Gaming

PC vs Gaming Consoles

Personal Computer and Gaming consoles will always be the discussion of fight, as no one will ever decide which side wins. There is a crowd of people dedicated to Personal computer(always upgrading to new processor and Graphic cards) and some crowd of people dedicated to gaming consoles don’t want to upgrade but want the same performance and no lagging in the game.Lets see how many differences we can find out here in our discussion:

Personal Computer( Gaming Rig)

There are types of Gaming Rig based on Processors such as AMD and Intel, Graphic card from Nvidia and AMD. People in this category always want to run their games on ultra graphic setting and 1080p, 1440 and 4k Resolution with a frame rate of more than 60 FPS. If a person is having high end graphic cards from any of the team Nvidia and AMD, then there would be 3D Gaming and Virtual reality(VR).

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles such as PS4, Xbox one and Wii from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. They don’t use any high end hardware inside the box, but they use  kind of Hardware so that every game title should run on them with frame rate locked at 60 Fps. I would say games are mostly optimized for Gaming consoles hardware so they should run them smoothly. It is playable at 1080p. Gaming consoles are also considered as an entertainment devices like watching blu-ray movies and connecting to wi-fi.

Console graphic was not as good as far as I have came to know about gaming, but drastically improvement was seen from Xbox one and PS4. There was an improvements in gaming engine and graphics engine with supporting new APIs like DirectX 11. In terms of its architecture, both are having customized AMD APU with 8-core, but with their own different architecture and different clock speeds.

XBOX one Vs PS4 for Gaming
                                                                XBOX one  Vs  PS4

Although both contain the Blu-Ray optical drives and USB 3.0 ports. But I’m concerned with the processing capabilities of both the gaming consoles. They have the capacity to render the video playback at 4K resolution,but they cannot render games at such high resolution. As the compute power is high in PS4 than that of XBOX One, but it don’t make any sense because as we have the high compute power in workstation graphic cards but it cannot give playable frame rates. Hence the performance is also depend upon the Architecture from both the Gaming Consoles. But  When we talked about Gaming consoles, XBOX one or PS4, some of the game franchise is always only for consoles and not for PC. So If I love Halo 4 or Halo 5, I cannot play it in PC, because they don’t release Halo game for PC. So that’s a gamer’s dilemma that ” which side should I go on ? 

Lets have a graphic comparison between PC vs XBOX one vs PS4

Gaming Graphics comparison
XBOX one vs PC vs PS4

You can see the difference between the graphics, as the PC graphics are more enhanced because we can tweak in its graphics setting any time. But console graphics are optimized for performance, so they run smoothly with 60 FPS.

Need for speed Rivals  “Low to Ultra” Graphics  comparison

Hardcore Gamer should choose Gaming Rig. But when it comes to Entertainment, Console is a good option. Finally, as a GAMER, I would definitely play games and will vote on both side PC gaming as well as Console Gaming.

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  1. Karan

    Friend there are rumours that halo is launching its game for PC as well from this year onwards

    1. I think there is a plenty of chances of Halo 5 coming to PC, but it is not yet officially announced by 343 industries. So, you need to wait for it.

    2. Let see…what happens???? I am so excited if it comes for PC

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