Computing has changed past few years


In the past few years,Computing has changed from single core to multi-core, multi-core to heterogeneous.But when we move from single core to multi cores,many things have changed since then,Single core processing as a discrete CPU,often executing a single instruction per clock cycle used in a less sophisticated applications like pocket calculators and other control applications.

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Cool “n” Quiet Technology

Cool "n" Quiet

In the past, increased processor performance often increases power consumption and noise levels.Due to the increase heat in processor,the cooler fan tries to move fast in order to keep processor cool.Here the misunderstanding about the AMD processor came into scenario that these processors burns down. So, Cool “n” Quiet is the thermal solution introduced at that time.

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Iot and HSA for Network solution

Iot and HSA

Internet of Things is getting popular day by day. It means that connecting all your PCs,Notebooks,tablet and smartphones and synchronizing all data on the cloud to allow access anywhere in the world.This requires Intelligent computing that will make decision to allow accessibility to your personal data. Iot and HSA is the solution for today’s network demands.

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Virtualization “Emulation of Hardware in Software”


Virtualization is the way of emulating hardware in software. If this sentence was find tricky to understand, so try this- using virtualization you can run an operating system on top of the other. It is achieved with help of virtualization software. It is a program that allows to run operating system while not using the available hardware directly.

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Mantle API Technology for AMD GPU users

Mantle API

                                             MANTLE API is an initiative from AMD to create a new programming model that can fully exploit the capabilities of Modern GPUs ( Radeon GPUs).In collaboration with leading cross platform game developers, AMD has created an API specification and graphic driver that enable this model on PCs with Graphic hardware based on GCN(Graphics Core Next) Architecture.This API can fully used the Graphics power from AMD Radeon GPUs(especially HD 7000,HD 8000,R7 and R9 series).

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Freesync solution for screen tearing in monitor


What is project FreeSync?

Computer monitors usually refresh at the rate of 60 frames per second. As the contents like video having constant frame rate of 23.976 frames per second, so there is a sync between the video and monitor. But in games, there is never sync in monitor due to variable frame rates, which causes screen tearing. FreeSync is the solution where it sync monitor refresh rates with Games refresh rates. Let’s see how it differs from traditional method to avoid screen tearing ?

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