Nvidia says play PC games on Smartphones

Game Stream

Yes, you heard that right. If I have Nvidia Graphic card series GTX 600 and above, so I can use Nvidia Game stream feature to stream the game from PC to my smartphone directly through wi-fi router. you just need to install latest graphic drivers from Nvidia or at least stay updated with latest Nvidia Drivers and install Nvidia Geforce Experience. This Nvidia Geforce Experience has many features such as Optimizing games in your system, record your game using shadow play and Game stream feature streams the game to your mobile devices and Nvidia shield.

How to use the Game stream feature ?

  • Install a Nvidia Graphic card with  GTX 600 and above.
  •  Install the latest Nvidia Graphic drivers with Geforce Experience.
  • Open the Geforce Experience and add your installed games(.exe) to the “Games” option.
  • Download “Moonlight” from Google playStore and search your PC from it.
  • Once you install this app and you can see Added games in your smartphones.
  • You just need to click on it. It will start streaming PC game on your smartphone.
  • You can play it through computer keyboard or connect a joystick controller to play the game.

Nvidia's Scan for Games

Geforce Experience
Nvidia Geforce Experience

I was playing Need for speed Rivals and it was running smooth as butter. you just need to do some setting in your android app, so that you can get an uninterrupted and smooth experience.

Nvidia's Moonlight Game Streaming

In this above figure, you can see there is lot of settings. But you need to keep in mind two to three settings.

  • Select resolution and FPS Target

select a video resolution according to your portable device like 720p,1080p with 30 FPS or 60 FPS.

  • Select Target Video Bitrate

Select a video bitrate around 20 Mbps which will give you a buffer less experience.

  • Play audio on PC

Select from where you want to hear the audio from PC and your device.

Need for speed rivals 1

Need for speed rivals 1
Streaming on mobile

Experience High end PC gaming on your mobile devices with Nvidia Stream Technology. This will not drain your battery life as it is only streaming the processed graphics on your smartphones. Enjoy Gaming

Nvidia Game Streaming

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