My First Encounter with Server system

Server is a system that accepts and responds to the request made by client. As a newbie to the Networking and Server technology, I ‘ve just heard about the Server system. But while working with Avishkar Interiors, I came to know about the Networking is not only about the server installation. we have to start from the Scratch from laying the data and voice cables for Networking. Data cables, commonly used CAT-6 for networking must be laid in the Raceways and Cabletrays. So, there is a passive part and Active part of Networking.

A dedicated room for all the Data and voice is in server room, which is basically a heart of IT Companies and even most banks, corporate offices and companies. All the laid cables traverse through the flooring or ceiling and terminated in Server room. Considering the data points in total companies are laid upto server room. For Example, if there are 350 data points, then there must be 350 cables are laid upto server room. Now there is a bunching of cables and grouping of 24 cables. Cables will dressup properly on the rack and will get punched in a 24-port or 48-port patch panel.

As soon as Network Rack gets completed, with all the patch panels and Cables terminated on the server side as well as on the workstation side or user side. Network Racks are connected to server rack and as well as ISP Racks. Server Racks contains number of servers. I just had my first encounter with the Server.

Lenovo System x3650 M5 

This is a 2U (Usable Height) 2-socket system and a Rack server consist of two server processor Intel Xeon E5-2620 with 6 cores and 12 threads processor. It also has Fast DDR4 Memory with around 20 number of slots. The maximum internal storage capacity of this server is 120 TB. It comes with primary and redundant power supply upto 1300W. There is also a provision for 8 GPUs with PCI-e 3.0 slot.

Server system Server system

Above Server System having provision for two server processors. The Intel Xeon 2620 v3 is based on 22nm architecture. It holds the capacity for 768 GB of primary memory and 40 Nos of PCI-e slots.  But still number of things are yet to learn and will update the post as soon as I get hands  on it.

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