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MediaTek CrossMount

Technology makes it easy to share the things we love, but only when we use it in a certain way. It makes it easy to share the things with our friends and Family. If you want to talk to a person, you need a smartphone with camera. consider, if you can do it, by connecting to HDTV. If you want to switch on your TV, and if you could do with your smartphone. Life would be very easy. Mediatek CrossMount is the solution for next generation connectivity.

MediaTek CrossMount is a new standard for sharing hardware and software resources between a whole host of consumer electronics. Based on the UPnP(Universal Plug and Play) protocol, CrossMount connects compatible devices wirelessly, using either a home Wi-Fi network or a Wi-Fi Direct connection. It allow one to seamlessly access the features of another.

So you can start watching streaming video on the living room TV, for example, then switch it to your tablet when you move to another room, or use your TV’s speakers for a hands-free phone call with your smartphone. The possibilities are endless.

The CrossMount Alliance for MediaTek partners, customers and developers makes developing CrossMount applications as easy as possible, many brands and developers are already on board.  Lenovo and TCL are the first MediaTek customers to support CrossMount.

It is a Hardware update, so existing devices will not be able to use this feature. But smartphones from the December 2015 or 2016 will be updated with this feature. when I heard about this technology, it reminds me of Infrared blasters. But it is completely different from CrossMount.

MediaTek CrossMount will be not game changing but will provide this features in their low profile processors. Crossmount is not just a single way of sharing, but it can communicate with the both way. TV sound can be playable on the smartphone’s headphones and its microphone can be used as voice controller to change the TV channels. It will be a better experience.

In future, we are going to witness open source hardware sharing platforms. Hope to see it soon.

CrossMount expected to be released in end of 2015 for MediaTek-based Android devices.

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