Lenovo A6000,A6000 plus are real dolby digital phones

Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A6000 plus are based on Qualcomm MSM8916 snapdragon 410 chipset consist of 4  A-53 Cortex cores, which is based on ARM v8-A Architecture clocked @1.2GHz. It has Sound enhancement technology “Dolby Digital Plus”. When I talk about the dolby digital, the only thing come into my mind is support for AC3 (Audio Codec 3) which is mostly supported on snapdragon 400 chipset but using software decoder. I have tested Hardware decoder to decode the audio .ac3 codec using MX player on xiaomi redmi 1s, but it failed. It was playing using software decoder without using any custom codec. Also, when I played it on lenovo A7000, a dolby Atmos phone doesn’t respond .ac3 audio  file on hardware, but played on software decoder.

Dolby Digital Interface
Dolby Digital Interface
EQ mode
EQ mode

When I played .ac3 audio file on Lenovo A6000 and A6000 plus, it was playable through both hardware and software decoder. I meant that if .ac3 audio files are played directly on hardware, it is efficient and the performance is really good. It keeps the sound level in such a way that no need to increase the volume level at s/w decoder. Also on Lenovo A7000, I tried it play through the Hardware, it failed, but still playing through software decoder, gives the same quality, but substantially drawing more power.

what is AC-3(Audio Codec 3) ?

Dolby digital is the name for the audio compression algorithm developed by Digital Laboratories. It is the common version containing upto 6 channels. AC-3 supports audio samples at the rate of 48KHz. The data rates are usually at 384kbps or 448kbps. The enhanced version of AC-3 is also known as E-AC3 . It supports bitrates upto 6.144 Mbits/s and support for 15.1 channels.

When it comes to Lenovo’s A7000 and K3 note, the playback of .ac3 audio file fails on hardware and it runs on software, hence the dolby atmos Technology is implemented through software only. As both A7000 and k3 Note are based on Mediatek MT6752m chipset, they may not be supported for .ac3 audio files. But it still gives the same performance. But when it comes to hardware there is also need to support for proper chipset. Lenovo A6000 and A6000 plus based on Qualcomm snapdragon 410 chipset whose hardware supports for dolby and DTS(Dolby Theatre Sound) sound.

How to enable hardware decoder in MX player for .ac3 files?

  • Open MX player, Go to Settings.
  • In settings, Open List option.
  • In List option, Open file extensions and check for the AC3.
  • Click on decoder and Select HW.

If your hardware supports .ac3 files, it will directly play on hardware(using CPU and Multimedia chip),or else it will run on software decoder only.After these steps are done, it will also take effect on your default media player.


Finally, I came to conclusion that the hardware and software support for sound enhancement is completely depend on the Architectures and their platform. Also both the phones are based on same ARM A-53 cortex cores. Snapdragon 410 supports for dolby sound at the hardware level. At this rate, may be Mediatek is not able to support for dolby sound at the hardware level. so, I think that, instead of mediatek, If they would have used Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset, it would have support Dolby and DTS sound at Hardware level. Hence, Lenovo A6000 and A6000 plus are real dolby digital smartphones.

Take a look at the Dolby Digital plus technology here

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