Intel Tick-Tock Model Binded by Moore’s Law

Intel Tick-Tock Model is the concept followed¬†by the chip Manufacturer¬†Corporation. It is been followed since 2007. Every Tick in Intel Tick-Tock Model represents a change in previous micro-architecture with die shrinking in the process technology. Tock represents a new micro-architecture. This model follows the Moore’s Law

Intel Tick-Tock

Moore’s Law :

Moore’s law refers to an observation founded by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel. He observed that number of transistors per square inch on Integrated circuits getting doubled every year since invention of the processors.

To Understand architecture well, Tick-Tock Model was not enough. so they introduced “process architecture optimization” Model and finally brought an end to Moore’s Law.

In 2016, Intel has accepted three step “process architecture optimization” by breaking Tick-Tock Model. This process will help generating three generations of processors in a single manufacturing process. So, Instead of two phase for single architecture added another phase for optimization only. It really helps to understand the existing and optimizing the architecture for consecutive three years.

For PC and overclocking  enthusiasts, this will help to study the architecture of their flagship model by pushing the limits to its TDP(Thermal Design Power) and beyond.

So, kaby lake architecture which was announced in mid of 2016 is the first to break the Tick-Tock model. Kaby Lake will be based on 14 nm manufacturing technology. So, kaby lake will be revised edition of previous architecture with the processor optimized step. Also, with the new architectures coming from Blue team. They are dropping support for driver of windows version which is older than Windows 10.

Now, if you go deeply into the thought for older window’s driver support, you will see that with upcoming hardware there is a need of new software. There is no point in use Directx 9 Driver for playing games in Windows 10 with latest hardware. Old school Operating systems and Hardware are done. So, there is a need for latest hardware and innovation in computer hardware and software technologies with new manufacturing model.

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