Intel Curie Creativeness – CES 2016

Intel Curie is the smallest processor from Intel. It can pack itself in a size of earpiece of small earphones. It is powering the next generation drones and wearables. It is the smallest processor I haven’t seen in my lifetime. It is smallest from one which is in Intel’s Galileo.

Intel curie

The Intel Curie module features 32-bit Intel® Quark SE SoC, and runs for extended periods on a coin-sized battery. It’s a complete low-power solution designed for use in wearable devices and consumer and industrial edge products. The Intel Curie module features Bluetooth Low Energy and a 6-axis combo sensor that includes accelerometers and gyroscopes, so you can keep tabs on what matters.

It also uses Intel Real sense  technology in drones to track down the obstacles in its way.The Intel Curie module comes with a complete software platform that includes Intel IQ Software kits to make it easier to create the future even faster. It is even smaller than galileo, smallest Microcontroller based on intel pentium 32-bit based SoC.

 In today’s first day of CES 2016 show, Intel have showcased their curie technology. They have demonstrated “how to play music with air guitar” using Oscar Winner music Composer A.R. Rahman. Air guitar is nothing but uses Curie Technology that sense the finger movements and gestures to convert into the data that can  play the jingles.

No real instruments but only hand gestures.

Intel partnered with BMX to create the first BMX smart bike, featuring sensors that capture motion data from the handlebars and seat.Street jumpers can also take the advantage of  Curie and Real sense technology. Parkour can also use this technology to calculate the distances. They can measure speed and movement, classify each move based on the motion of the bike, track trends.

Curie technology consumes 2.2W of power. So, with performance technologists, innovators are also giving thought to power efficiency.


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