Inside Xbox one



XBOX One is a gaming console from Microsoft for playing Modern Directx 11 games.It is a successor to the XBOX 360 and third console in the XBOX Family.Moving from XBOX 360 which features x86 computing and now XBOX one which was able to compute the x86-64 Simultaneously.The power of x64 bit computing to the gaming consoles was made possible with the Fusion System Architecture(or HSA) from AMD.



  •  CPU:

It consist of AMD Accelerated Processing Units(APU) codenamed as “Jaguar’s” x64 cores which is arranged in 4 modules with 2 cores each which makes it to total 8 cores.

  •      Speed: 1.75 GHz
  •      SSE 4.2 and AVX instructions
  •      Store to load forwarding
  •      Hardware Fetch
  •      16 256-bit wide Floating point units
  •      Out of order execution
  •       8 GB memory at the full bandwidth of 68.2 GB/s
  •       48-bit Virtual address space
  •       256 terabytes of  virtual memory
  •       Synchronized between the CPU and GPU
  •       4 MB L2 Cache i.e 2MB per cluster
  • GPU:
  •       AMD GCN Architecture
  •       768 cores
  •       Speed: 853 MHz
  •       32 MB of ESRAM at 109 GB/s
  •       Compute Power: 1.31TFLOPS
  •       Hardware encode and decode
  •       HDMI 1.4a in and out

                             Move Engines are same as DMA which has direct access to the GPU memory.

  •        Memory Set
  •        Texture swizzle
  •        JPEG decompress
  •        LZ compress and decompress

                         Directx API was microsft’s own API defining standard for the GPUs available from AMD and Nvidia.This API was easily able to port on the XBOX one and it provides low level access to it.Some Directx 12 API features also available on XBOX one.

  • AUDIO:

               7.1 Surround sound

                         Both XBOX one and Sony’s PS4 has the same semi-custom APU designed by the AMD,but slight changes in their Hardware Specifications.

Comparison between XBOX One and PS4

                                                    Although both contain the Blu-Ray optical drives and USB 3.0 ports.But I’m concerned with the processing capabilities of both the gaming consoles.They have the capacity to render the video playback at 4K resolution,but they cannot render games at such high resolution.As the compute power is high in PS4 than that of XBOX One,but it don’t make any sense because as we have the high compute power in workstation graphic cards but it cannot give playable frame rates.Hence the performance is also depend upon the Architecture from both the Gaming Consoles.

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