HTC BoomSound Speaker Depth review

HTC BoomSound Speaker

Nowadays, Quality sound getting top on the priority list. First, people used to consider good camera, Intelligent User Interface and build Quality. Sound technology in smartphones are getting trendy and demanding. people want great sound technology like Dolby Digital plus, Atmos, DTS and Boom Sound technology in their phones. Lets get in depth review on HTC BoomSound Speaker Technology.

BoomSound technology was launched in HTC One M7. Now, HTC have partnered with Dolby to provide immersive experience in M9 with Dolby 5.1 surround sound. So, you can have cinematic sound experience in your phones with or without headphones.

Motivation for HTC BoomSound Speakers


HTC BoomSound Speaker

It all started with HTC One M7. Few years ago, Every Company made speakers on the back of phones or directed towards the sides. But they came out with Front Facing speakers in One M7. There is a theory behind the sound, that when you hear the sound greater than 90 decibels your physical senses get excited, thus triggering your emotions.

As HTC BoomSound speaker, they’re not as loud as a concert. But they did a study and find that people mostly keep the speakers right in front of face and upper right at distance of 15-20 cms.

with these BoomSound Technology, HTC says “We are not just about being loud, but also perfectly balanced.” with this statement, they are also pointing out to Dolby and DTS Technology. These technology worked at 448 kbps and higher bit rates. But HTC BoomSound Speaker brings a perfectly balanced experience.

when HTC one M8 was launched, HTC strove for even better results by upgrading hardware specifications and working to deliver strong bass, clear vocals, and fine detail. They also put an effort on Digital Signal Processor (DSP) amplifier, which helps amplify both high and low notes at optimal times.

 “The technology behind the DSP amplifier is in the installation of a sensor within the speaker that gives it real-time access to the state of the speaker’s vibration. With the addition of the DSP amplifier the speaker can play sounds while calculating which ones to amplify without sacrificing overall sound quality.”

But when the DSP amplifier comes into play, sound quality and balance go through the roof. You can get the most out of this technology by putting the One M9 in Theater Mode. In Theater Mode, you really hear sounds as if they’re coming from beside and behind your ears, or even from behind your head. This is due to crosstalk cancellation.

Crosstalk cancellation allows each audio channel to do two things: play audio through it and also play a reverse sound wave that essentially cancels the other channel’s audio. This effect makes the audio from the left channel “really left” and audio from the right channel “really right”. Add a little bit of surround-sound technology and what you get is really high-quality sound.

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