HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook : choice for Fans

HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook

HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is the special edition notebook from HP. It is fully commanded by 6th generation Intel i5 Processor. you will also get a rare content of star wars comic books, Images and Concept Arts loaded in this Notebook.

Star Wars Special edition Notebook is completely designed by Star Wars themes. There is not just a cover on the Laptop, but inside there is a Lot of stuff from Star wars like Wallpapers, themes, Desktop Icons, Comic books, etc.


Star Wars Command Center controls all the star wars themes and wallpapers of the system. It is easy to integrate all the Stuff from Star wars into this command center. HP Star wars special edition Notebook control by command center. It is used to customize the notebook like changing wallpapers, themes and sound schemes for notebook outlook.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… remind me of beginning of star wars series.

If I would have this laptop, then I would have made a Droid who has access to the map of the world and help the needy people in the world. I will try my level best to share the best of my knowledge to help the people.

I will start watching the star Wars series from beginning. With Nvidia Graphics Technology, it will give an immersive look to the movie. The Graphics will not only help me in watching movies, So I would give some time to redesign the princess Leia’s Metal Bikini. It is an is an iconic costume worn by actress “Carrie Fisher” as Princess Leia in the 1983 Star Wars film Return of the Jedi.

I will also make a compilation music theme from all the parts of the Star wars series. In India, there are more fans for Star wars, but they never had an access to the old series of Star wars.

As an audiophile, I love listening movie soundtracks. I like the music of Star wars so much that I have embedded a force theme from star wars in this post. While you are reading through this post, you can hear the “Force theme” arranged by Frederick Lloyd. It gives you the immersive sound experience of this fantasy series. “Main theme and movie soundtracks” is composed by John williams.

I like this series because I am a Technology lover. when this series started back in 1977, they have brought concept like robots and droids, death star. This thought for a movie at that time was a risk, but the film’s director and writer “George Lucas” took it. They have seen future in 1977, so now in 2015, we can see the real droids and artificial intelligence.

People never get access to such stuff. But with purchasing of HP Star wars special edition Notebook, you will have access to the stuff that you have never got all of it suddenly.

IF you are a FAN of Star wars series, please have a look at this Notebook http://www.hpshopping.in/starwars . If you already have it, then share an image of your HP Star wars special Edition laptop using  #AwakenYourForce


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