How to write “easy to understand” Blog posts???

Bloggers increasing their potential by writing many posts day-by-day. How this writing posts is going to help bloggers to reach to maximum public and also easier to understand? I am giving some tips as I have started blogging around 2 years ago, switched from blogger to wordpress. But I would recommend to start a blog on wordpress, because there are lots of customization options available. wordpress also provides plugins useful for Search Engine Optimization(SEO). when you write a posts, it must be easier to understand for the audience belonging to age range of 11-60 years.

There are two important tests while writing posts. The most important is Flesch Reading Ease TestIn this test, the higher score indicates that material is easier to read, while the lower score indicates that material is difficult to read. The use of this test is found everywhere so it is bundled with word processing programs and services such as  KWord, IBM Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office Word, WordPerfect and WordPro. Also note that the this score do not have theoretical lower score bound, so you can make it understand to limited number of people or like minded people.

Blog "flesch Reading ease" Test

Another Test is Flesch–Kincaid grade level TestThis tests are mostly used in the field of education. The “Flesch–Kincaid Grade Level Formula” scores a grade, making it easier to understand for teachers, parents and librarians.  It can also mean the number of years of education generally required to understand this text, relevant when the formula results in a number greater than 10. This test is not generally used by the bloggers to test their easiness of the post.

Now, while I am writing this post, My Flesch Reading Ease test score about 70 which is still difficult to read for the age group below 13 years. In every upcoming posts, I try to increase the easiness of my posts. when I started my blog on wordpress around 4 months ago, my flesch reading test scores about 20-30. But some posts also hit the range of 70-90.

How can I get my “flesch reading test” score ?

If you have a wordpress blog, use plugin “SEO by Yoast”. It will give you all the hints how to make it more optimized for search engine. when you publish your posts, it must get search by the keywords defined by you from the search Engine.

This way of writing posts make your blog more presence in audience. you will get lots of hits and followers. so write the posts to make them understand to people and not only to you. Remember the most important thing “visitors will stop by your blog, when your blog posts are easy to understand”.

Tips to write “easy to understand” blog posts :

  • Use less difficult words.
  • Try to make shorter sentences.
  • Watch your space after a comma and end of the sentence.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, If you have any questions and doubt about “how to write easy to understand blog posts” please comment below.


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  1. If you have learnt the 7Cs of communication in your college then apply the all Cs to your writing and I will definitely get an flesch reading score above 70 (y) as I alwasy get

    1. yes, of course, I have read about the 7Cs of communication.
      But If someone don’t know about the 7Cs, then this post can be helpful.

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