Do you really need a 128-bit or higher bit processor???


Do you really need a 128-bit computing??? Lets find it in a discussion stated below.

X86 computing starts with the 32-bit computing. New instruction for 32-bit were developed by Intel. Therefore, it is called as Intel86 processor. pentium series were containing a number as 386,486 and so on. 32-bit computing can access upto 4GB of RAM. Whenever you install a 32-bit operating system, it can access upto 4GB of memory. If you installed 8GB of RAM in 32 bit operating system, half of the memory is unused. Then, 64-bit computing came into existence.

Number of bytes it can address is 232 bytes = 4GB of memory

64-bit instructions in the processors were developed by AMD. That’s the reason instruction were named as AMD64. The memory access capability were increased to such an extent, that 64-bit computing will support to larger size primary memory. so for larger memory address, 64-bit computing was created.

calculating memory size for 64-bit memory

Memory access by 64-bit computer is   264   = 16.8 million terabytes of memory

The result is theoretical and practically it is impossible. Also increasing size of memory will limit to its motherboard. If I try fitting memory of 32 GB RAM stick, I will require 32 sticks to make it to 1 TB. So, to fit all the RAM, need a motherboard of 6800 km approximately. It is double the distance from north india to south india. So, it is practically impossible.

128-bit computing doubles the memory size of data bus, address bus and register width. There are 128-bit processors first used in the IBM/70 system containing 128-bit floating point registers.

Memory access by 128-bit processors = 3.4028237e+38. The number even I can speak up, is the maximum memory limit in bytes. So, 64 bit will always be the modern computing and size of RAM to that accessible memory size will take lots of generations. It is not that, we don’t have 128-bit instruction which were developed in 1999. But considering the workloads, still 64-bit processing is require in every aspects of the fields.

Few years back, there were rumour that ARM is developing 128-bit chips. But do we really need it?? No, the answer lies in above section. 64-bit computing will remain modern computing for years. But they now started developing solutions using 64-bit computing with ARM big.Little Technology.

If we consider the modern GPUs, they are using 256-bit, 512-bit and 1024-bit. There is also a recent development in the memory known as High Bandwidth Memory using 4096-bit of memory, which is very insane.Graphic cards requires a single precision floating point and double precision floating point unit. They need an extra graphics power for calculating 3D and vector images. Flops required for CPU and GPU are completely different according to their workloads.

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