DirectCompute in Gaming for modern games


DirectCompute is an Application Programming Interface(API) that supports general purpose computing on graphic processing units on latest windows operating systems.It is the part of Microsoft’s DirectX API.DirectCompute was released with DirectX version 11.Now it’s 12.But Direct compute also has the capability to run with DirectX version 10.GPU compute power is needed in animation,video rendering and CAD applications, but why the need for DirectCompute is required in Gaming?

  • Games can be CPU limited for some configurations,where old games were bound to the CPU. so,many traditional tasks can be passed to the GPU for execution.
  •  Some rendering algorithms are faster,when using compute because GPUs are made of architectures that can perform parallel computing.
  •  Some of the tasks like non graphics Data parallel programming and physics are naturally fitted for the GPU compute,because the physics in game cannot be calculated with the help of CPU. Nvidia GPUs provides the Hardware acceleration with their physX(physics engine) to work with physics and dynamics in games.

                                             DirectCompute is an API designed for GPU computing and can work together with DirectX.The rendering pipeline for DirectCompute is so simple that there was no need to calculate the polygons like triangle.

DirectCompute in Gaming


  •   New version of High Definition Ambient Occlusion.
  •   This technique shows the soft shadow around the the objects so clear that the image look real.


High Definition Ambient Occlusion

Bokeh Depth of Field

  •  This technique used to blur the out of focus part of the image.
  •   It is used in the Frostbite 3 engine for rendering depth of field.


Bokeh Depth of field


           Global Illumination

  •  It is used to add more realistic lighting to the 3D Scenes.
  •  It consist of lights from all the directions i.e. from direct illumination and indirect       illumination.


Global Illumination


             Particle Systems

  •   Particle system which refers to the physics and computer graphics technique used      to simulate the fuzzy kind of phenomenon.
  •    Eg:- explosions,snow,dust,etc


Particle systems 

           When to use the DirectCompute?

                                            DirectCompute is used for highly parallelized Algorithms.It can reduce the transfers between CPU and GPU. also some of the algorithms can be optimized for it.

                              Hence, rendering such effects so that the reality can be brought to the games, GPU compute power is calculated in GFLOPS,TFLOPS………………… 


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  1. 2 Radeon 5870 s in SLI mode, stock speed, score 4027.I get a problem with the 1.2 veorisn. It runs in full screen rather than a window. The red cube spins but the fireball in the center doesn’t fire out any flames against the sides. It looks like the fireball is stuck just as it is beginning to fire. The test completes normally and exits cleanly. I had no problems with the 1.1 veorisn.

    1. akashbelekar

      hello Anita, Are you running any benchmark software with two Radeon cards?
      I think there would be any compatibility issues with hardware and software drivers.
      please specify the problem in detail.

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