Deadpool movie Opening sequence by Nvidia


Deadpool is a very bad*ss superhero, as we have experienced it in a movie. The graphics seems to be very nice rendered. when I was watching the Opening sequence of the movie, it was really great to watch it. As the opening sequence were different than the rest of the films.  As the camera flows from inside the car. I thought how well they have started the opening sequence. But, when I came to know that it was rendered on a Nvidia GPU, I was thinking “How Nvidia bring reality to the Animation ?”

Based on Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero and directed by Blur Studios’ Tim Miller, Deadpool is action-packed from beginning to end, starting with the film’s incredible title sequence.

The opening sequence shot was for 90 seconds. It’s a 90-second-long camera shot that weaves its way through a climactic, frozen-in-time, battle scene. Miller turned to Blur to develop the sequence, which was created entirely in CG.


Kevin margo, a visual effects supervisor have handled the lightning in this shot. Blur Studios built CG assets from the ground up using Autodesk 3ds Max. They then rendered them using Chaos Group’s GPU renderer, V-Ray RT, which runs exclusively on NVIDIA GPUs, and is up to 15 times faster than a CPU renderer.

“The power of GPU rendering combined with the speed and real-time interactivity of the HP workstations equipped with M6000s allowed us to consider rendering things we wouldn’t have been able to before. It made the process so much easier and more efficient.”

Blur’s CG artists, equipped with HP Z840 workstations running NVIDIA Quadro M6000 GPUs.

Deadpool Nvidia Quadro M6000

First, Blur studios have rendered this shot. The result was a physically based render in super-high fidelity. So the executives at Fox could see exactly what the intended sequence would look like to give it the greenlight.

Source : Nvidia

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