Corsair Carbide Air 740 Cabinet

Corsair Carbide Air 740

Corsair Carbide Air 740 Cabinet is finally here. we were like waiting for this one to come, so all our important PC Components would be in a cold hands with good ventilation. Expectations were high as the cost spent was more enough to spend for High-end graphic cards.

Corsair Carbide Air 740 Mid Tower case is especially made for Direct Air flow which is required in most of the high end systems, so that it can deliver cooler air to your CPU, Graphic cards, Motherboard, memory and other PCI-E components. Now, what we have here is lot of space where SATA Drives and SSD Drives are arranged and assembled in a well defined manner. Absolutely best way for cable management, where our Old school system used to have a wires(not even a bunch) getting in each other way.


  1. 3 Corsair 140L Fans included
  2. Top Dual 120mm/140mm fan mounts compatible with 240mm/280mm Radiators.
  3. Rear 120mm/140mm Fan mounts compatible with 120/140mm Radiators.
  4. 3 Front 120mm/140mm fan mounts compatible with 240/280/360mm Radiators
  5. 2 x 3.0 USB, Headphone, Mic, Power/reset
  6. Full window Hinged side panel
  7. CPU Backplate cut-out
  8. Built in cable routing cutouts with grommets
  9. 8 PCI-E Slots
  10. Removable front Magnetic low restriction dust filter

Let me take you through the Cabinet. This Carbide case got 1 rear exhaust fan and 2 front intake fans where the air will be pull in and rear fan will pull out the hot air from the system. It also got space for two fans mounted at the Top and bottom of the system. Now, the topmost position of the fans can be attached with the cooler and we were lucky to have one with the radiator. Thanks to Corsair H100i Cooler, which directly hits and keep it cool.

This side facing of the cabinet contains all the important processing parts, where the motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAM can be mounted. Opposite facing contains all the storage parts with 4 dedicated 4-bays for 2.5 inch SSD and 3-bays for 3.5 inch Drives.

For all PC Users, please remember maximum GPU Length it can support upto 320mm.

when we were working on it,

Finally, we got the system ready with this new big-cabinet and as a computer freak we try to install more fans in the system , so total count of fans placed inside the system is 14, which is insane idea for the regular PC users.

As many people ask us why you guys spend money for cabinet? we got a perfect answer for it, as using cheap and compact cabinet for the Desktop PCs will lower their life due to less ventilation and lot of ambience heating around the system.

As a result of using this cabinet, temperature of GPU was dropped to 49 degree from 70 degree with the maximum load keeping the fan speed at 500-600 RPM.

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