Cool “n” Quiet Technology

Cool "n" Quiet

In the past, increased processor performance often increases power consumption and noise levels.Due to the increase heat in processor,the cooler fan tries to move fast in order to keep processor cool.Here the misunderstanding about the AMD processor came into scenario that these processors burns down. So, Cool “n” Quiet is the thermal solution introduced at that time.

AMD provided an innovative solution earlier on AMD Athlon 64-based systems which effectively lower the power consumption enabling a quieter running system while delivering performance on demand.

CONCEPT of Cool “n” Quiet

The concept behind this technology is very simple. Processor will run on the frequency lower than its base frequency.

                                                 Some applications require less processing power such as word processing documents.But some applications like playing games,video editing,rendering requires more clock cycles for better performance.

Cool “n” Quiet Technology controls the clock rate and dynamically adjusting the clock rates and voltages 30 times per second as per the task.If an application does not require the full processing power,the power consumption will be less.Hence the power will be saved .However processor can response to increased workloads,allowing the system to deliver a responsive computing experience.

Here the Observation that you will find your processor running quietly with most applications running.

 What YOU Need?

  •        AMD Athlon x64 based system or Higher(supporting cool’n’Quiet Technology)
  •        Cool “n” Quiet technology enabled Mother Board
  •        Enable cool’n’Quiet in Advanced CPU Configuration option in BIOS

    Cool "n" Quiet

Two configuration options:

  •   Enabled

Cool "n" Quiet

  •   Disabled            

Cool "n" Quiet

                                            Some of the motherboards also support one more mode “AUTO” which automatically switches the clock rates at the Enabled and Disabled modes.

This Technology in Intel processor called as Intel SpeedStep Technology which dynamically change the clock rates according to the p-states of the processor.

 Hence both technologies work around the “performance states” of the processor.P-states affects the L3 cache by down clocking the inactive parts of the processor.It also depend on the fabrication process which manages number of transistors in a less space(45nm,32nm,22nm,etc).

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