Codenamed “Beema” and “Mullins” as Mainstream and Low power mobile APUs

AMD’s APU(Accelerated processing units),combination of CPU cores and GPU cores on a single chip.In this year,they have launched the 3rd generation APU(codenamed as “Beema” and “Mullins”) with HSA features for mainstream,small form factor and Low power Mobile products respectively.These mobile APUs features x86 CPU cores updated with leading AMD Radeon Graphics and hardware level data security solution based on ARM cortex A5 on a single system on Chip(SoC).

 Features for the AMD’s Mainstream and Low power mobile APUs


These APUs features upto 4  x86  “puma” cores with R series graphics based on Graphics Core Next Architecture.”Beema” APU consumes 10W-25W and “Mullins” APU consumes 4.5W.Also these APUs consist of power management technologies as mentioned below:

  • AMD Enduro Technology,that enables long battery life
  • AMD Start Now Technology,for quick boot up and resume from sleep mode
  • AMD Turbo Core Technology,performance when you need the most                                                                  

  Maximum Security

                                    AMD’s first implementation of ARM based technology into processors.These APUs features AMD Platform security processor(PSP) based on ARM A5 cortex featuring ARM Trust Zone technology for enhanced data security.These processors used for ensuring secure storage and processing of trusted Apps including online payments and client and server web based services.

                                                     With these hardware features, these new processors has the capability to enable some software experiences.

  •             AMD Gesture control
  •             AMD  Face Login
  •             AMD Quick Stream technology
  •             AMD  Perfect Picture
  •             AMD Steady video technology


This little package of silicon chip can enable more and more user experiences by consuming less power.

     Mullins APU Specifications:    



      Beema APU Specifications:



   Lenovo’s 2nd Flex powered by AMD Beema:-      



2 Thoughts to “Codenamed “Beema” and “Mullins” as Mainstream and Low power mobile APUs”

  1. For the cost to performance this is a deenct buy. There are differences in AMD and Intel architectures and thus the negative reviews are not as bad as it is made to seem. This does make a nice CPU to build around. If you do multitasking or gaming this is a good option in my opinion.What other processor can you buy that has a factory clock at 4.2 GHZ? None! I know clock speed doesn’t matter anymore to some and I did buy this from the Other Guy’ a tad cheaper but it does a little better then my old Phenom IIx4 965 BE and the temps are much lower.One last thing is I did have this overclocked to 4.9 GHZ. on my M5A99X EVO mobo, G/skill Sniper 1866 memory 8gb with the cooler master 212 EVO and it is lightening fast! Would recommend.

    1. akashbelekar

      yes, Manar….AMD CPU architectures are great when it comes to price and performance.This APUs provide us the multitasking with integrated GPU.I would definitely recommend this CPU……

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