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First Hardware Virtualized GPU

Hardware Virtualized GPU

AMD revealed the first Hardware Virtualized GPU products. AMD FirePro S-series GPU with Multi-user GPU technology. This Hardware-Virtualized GPU architecture delivers an innovative solution in response to emerging user experiences. The experiences are remote workstation, cloud gaming, cloud computing, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

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Apple Virtual Reality coming soon

Apple Virtual reality

Apple have hired the VR Expert “Doug Bowman“. He was a Computer science tech at Virginia Tech. In there, he also served as the director for the University’s Center for Human-Computer Interaction. His background is strong as he shows a focus on 3D interaction, immersive environments and usability engineering. This sounds exciting as Apple Virtual Reality will be coming soon, but every company now and then getting into Virtual reality. VR is going to be the next frontier of Computing. It is not Qestion that Apple took initiative in VR, but how they will represent in public, “How they will showcase to the public ?”

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Nvidia Game ready Driver for Tomb Raider,Tom Clancy’s division

Game Ready Driver

The new GeForce Game Ready driver for Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tom Clancy’s The Division beta test are now available to download via GeForce Experience. With Game Ready Driver optimizations and SLI profiles for the two new game titles, Nvidia’s latest set of drivers will deliver the best possible experience from Rise of tom raider and Tom Clancy’s division.

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JEDEC announced GDDR5X memory standard


On January 21, 2016 JEDEC announced about the publication of new memory standard GDDR5X. They announced the publication of JESD232 Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR5X) SGRAM. The need for new memory standard is to satisfy the increasing need of more memory bandwidth in graphics, gaming, compute, and networking applications.

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Samsung Curved Display – Gaming Monitors CES 2016

Samsung Curved Display

One exciting part of CES 2016 is Gaming Devices. Samsung curved Display with Samsung’s three-monitor ultra-wide setup for the EA game Battlefield 4 has gotten a particularly enthusiastic response. The setup was placed in a row to create horizontal view. They have also devised this setup using its new 27-inch, 1800R curvature monitors.

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