Lenovo Zuk Z1 launched

Lenovo ZuK Z1

Lenovo ZuK Z1 available only online coming soon to india with its brand ” Zuk“. This brand is created for countering the rise of ” Xiaomi ” phones.  It was launched in china, but this chinese-maker has dropped a hint that Z1 is coming in india.

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Lenovo announced Vibe K5 plus smartphone in MWC 2016 back in January. Lenovo K5 Note is different than Vibe K5 plus. Lenovo Vibe K5 plus is an upgraded version of Lenovo A6000 and A6000 plus. As Lenovo had their low end series with Lenovo Branding and High end series will be branding with Moto.

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iphone 7s with OLED screen

Apple’s iphone is the best phone in the market. The Quality and Price is too high compared to other phones in the market. Quality is maintained in every single updated version. These phones never lag, as you throw any heavy applications or games. with great built Quality, price is also too high. Apple work on every single aspects of their phones.

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Mediatek CrossMount : To unite your Devices

MediaTek CrossMount

Technology makes it easy to share the things we love, but only when we use it in a certain way. It makes it easy to share the things with our friends and Family. If you want to talk to a person, you need a smartphone with camera. consider, if you can do it, by connecting to HDTV. If you want to switch on your TV, and if you could do with your smartphone. Life would be very easy. Mediatek CrossMount is the solution for next generation connectivity.

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