Processor Technologies

Intel core 7th Generation processors Launched

Intel Core 7th Generation processors are codenamed as “kaby Lake”. It uses 14nm technology which is built at Intel production facilities. From this Processor line-up, it uses “process architecture optimization” model.  kaby lake is an optimization step of this model. Ahead of CES 2017, Intel have announced about their core 7th Generation processors.

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AMD Ryzen Computing to new Horizon

At Austin event, AMD unveils its new Zen based high performance desktop processor. It is based on Zen Architecture (codenamed as”Summit Ridge”). In this event, enthusiasts got their hands on with this Desktop processor. It will officially launch in Q1 of 2017. Inspired by the Architecture, AMD has named this processor as AMD Ryzen which will be a new lineup of processors.

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My First Encounter with Server system

Server is a system that accepts and responds to the request made by client. As a newbie to the Networking and Server technology, I ‘ve just heard about the Server system. But while working with Avishkar Interiors, I came to know about the Networking is not only about the server installation. we have to start from the Scratch from laying the data and voice cables for Networking. Data cables, commonly used CAT-6 for networking must be laid in the Raceways and Cabletrays. So, there is a passive part and Active part of Networking.

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Lenovo announced Vibe K5 plus smartphone in MWC 2016 back in January. Lenovo K5 Note is different than Vibe K5 plus. Lenovo Vibe K5 plus is an upgraded version of Lenovo A6000 and A6000 plus. As Lenovo had their low end series with Lenovo Branding and High end series will be branding with Moto.

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Snapdragon VR SDK by Qualcomm

Snapdragon VR SDK

Qualcomm technologies have introduced a new Virtual Reality (VR) Software Development kit. The next generation of Mobile virtual reality is complex. It needs more power for produce projected images with no lagging. It must meet today’s requirement in VR applications. Advanced Heterogeneous processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 are capable of supporting immersive experiences. They have introduced Snapdragon VR SDK.

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