Carrizo,A power efficient APU


At ISSCC 2015,AMD revealed about a carrizo mobile APU with new features and technologies.It is a single,scalable infrastructure featuring new “Excavator core”,which is the next iteration of bulldozer, optimized for low power notebooks and small form factor convertibles.It support AMD’s Graphics Core next architecture with support for Mantle,Directx 12 and Dual Graphics.This carrizo also has a Single chip integration of APU and South bridge onto a single die.It also has AMD secure processor,leveraging ARM trustzone technology for enterprise technology.Carrizo is the first HSA Compliant SOC(system On a chip).

AMD has also disclosed about the high density library resulting in 29% more transistors than “Kaveri” in approximately the same die area.

Excavator cores improvements

  • 5% IPC(Instruction Per Clock Cycle)
  • 40% less power
  • 23% less area

                                 There is also support for H.265 support and 3.5 times more video transcoding performance than kaveri.There is also a device selection and implementation tuning enable the eight AMD Radeon cores to reduce 20% power from kaveri.

                                         AMD also revealed next generation of “Voltage adaptive operation” with Carrizo.The principle behind this technology is with high noise level,the excess voltage will cause power to rise.If the system reduces the frequency of the CPU during high noise/voltage segments,then power consumption will be reduced and frequency can be back to normal when the noise level goes down.

 Next feature in carrizo is “Adaptive Voltage Frequency Scaling” power modules.Carrizo uses 10 modules and these modules can adjust frequency and voltage of individual components depending on power requirements.It allows to adjust power requirements and increasing efficiency of an individual devices.

 This new technology talks about the new processor state in which it can enter and exit sleep states.This state is “S0i3”,it can go from 50mW to active state in a fraction of a second.this helps to sustain at low power states for long times and still responsive at the active state,improving idle and low load power consumption.

It reveals about technology “Inter-frame gating“.It allows the GPU  to go to a low frequency mode,when the buffers are full.This can add larger increases in battery life.


This APU will also be supporting full HSA capabilities with HSA 1.0 compliant,Graphics based on GCN 1.2 Architecture.

 What I Came to Know?

                                  AMD Carrizo have brought the Hardware video decoder H.265,still Intel has not added in their processors. Integrating APU and southbridge on a single chip in a single silicon die. It is including power gating technologies to reduce power consumption but not compromising performance.Hence,AMD is aiming for completing its goal “Improving energy efficiency 25 x by 2020.”

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