Beoplay A6 Speakers Overview

Beoplay A6

Beoplay A6 is not just a stereo channel speaker. It is more than the classic stereo speakers. It is beast of five channel speakers. It gives you the pleasant ambient sound, wherever you placed it. Either you placed it on floor and wall, it will give you the same surround sound experience.

The speaker setup features 2 x 60 watt class D for woofer, 1 x 60 watt class D for full range, 2 x 30 watt class D for tweeter. The fifth, backwards-pointing speaker allows us to maximize the spaciousness of the sound you experience. So, it just looks like a showpiece, but you can have an amazing sound experience from them.

Beoplay A6 features a unique design that gives you the Bang & Olufsen Signature sound.

When you want to turn on the music, you don’t need to open your eyes. Just reach out to speakers and touch them. when you touch this device, you touch it and swipe the speakers

  • swipe right to turn up the volume.
  • Swipe left to turn down the music.
  • Hold to Mute

Beoplay A6

Beoplay A6

The controls for this speaker can be found on the back side. It can be placed anywhere in the room, or hang on a wall. If you want to change the tracks, you can do it by simply touching on the top of the speaker.

I am very much impressed by its design. It looks like a cushion or something, but it can play a sound.  It is covered by wood-blend fabrics from manufacturer of design textiles. And they have not just use one color fabric thread for this speakers. They have variety of woolen fabric made of different color threads.

Beoplay A6 also allows to change the fabric as per customer’s use. They can choose between different colors fabrics such as Light Grey, Dark Grey, Dark Rose and Dusty Blue. But you have to buy it separately.


It allows connect to the mobile devices using Wi-fi, bluetooth 4.0, Airplay. It also features Beolink multiroom technology that can combine B&O play and Bang & olufsen products.


It just fits in the dimension of W536 x H298 x D144 (mm). The cabinet is closed. the range of its effective frequency is 35 to 22000 Hz. There is 1 USB, 1 Line In and 1 Ethernet connections. The power Amplifies are 2 x 60 Watt class D woofer, 1 x 60 Watt class D for full range and 2 x 30 Watt class D tweeter.

Beoplay A6 is available on Amazon at the price of 998$. Click here 


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