Augmented Reality update on iOS 11

iOS 11

yes, Apple’s Operating System iOS 11 comes with Augmented Reality featured in their Apps and Games. iOS is known to be the world’s largest Augmented Reality platform. As the recent Apple iphone X and Apple 8 event, showcased some of their AR Features built in their new phones. Also, same feature have been updated and started rolling out for the current users.

Our recent encounters with this feature shows some cool Augmented Reality Pictures.

Apple iphone 7 plus Experience with AR (iOS 11)

  • AR Dragon

Now in above slideshow, you can see three different Game and App caption name as AR Dragon, Freeblade and Night sky. In this games, we got the most amazing experience with Night sky which can show all the Natural and artificial objects in the sky around you. Now, that object can be some Constellations, Satellites, Hubble space Telescope or any star location. It was a mesmerizing Experience.

This Augmented Reality is not a new thing, but it has made to perfection by Apple with such a Nice Experience for Apple Users with iOS 11 updated version. With iOS 11, iPhone and iPad are the most powerful, personal and intelligent devices they’ve ever been.

Developers have enormous possibilities with iOS 11. ARKit makes it easy to build fantastic augmented reality experiences into apps. And Core ML lets developers use machine learning to create apps that become more intelligent. ARkit bring you(developers) the power to build AR Apps.

Core ML enables easy integration of machine learning models to add intelligence to your apps with few line of codes, it can bring deep learning models to handy Experience.

As we tried to understand some of the AR applications functionalities, it first look for plain surfaces and tried to create reality in same surface despite of the surrounding object. so, ARKit provides positional tracking and scene understanding so you can create immersive augmented reality apps.

Also, we have recorded some gaming videos of AR Games with iphone 7 plus.

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