Qualcomm 602A processor integrated in Audi Q7 vehicles

Qualcomm 602A

Qualcomm Technologies and AUDI have announced that Qualcomm Snapdragon 602A processors. They have been selected for Audi’s 2017 vehicles. Qualcomm 602A announced back in CES 2014. But an actual implementation of these processors in Audi vehicles have been started this year. Qualcomm 602A is first automotive grade infotainment chipset. It supports advanced smartphone-level multimedia, navigation, connectivity and voice quality and control features in cars.

At CES 2016, Qualcomm Technologies have demonstrated the Snapdragon 602A integrated in an Audi Q7.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 602A

Snapdragon 600 series processors are designed to outperform other mobile processors in their class in performance per watt and 4G LTE-Advanced connectivity. It Offers superior mobile user experiences. It consists of 4K Ultra HD video capture and playback, advanced camera, multichannel audio and expanded connectivity options. If you can get access to this features, then Car company can make most out of it.

The Qualcomm 602A contains a quad-core Qualcomm Krait CPU. It contains Adreno 320 GPU. It also contain Qualcomm Hexagon DSP. It also has integrated GNSS baseband processing and additional high-performance audio, video and communication cores.

Qualcomm Technologies has been embedding its in-vehicle technologies with leading automakers. 20 million vehicles deployed globally with Snapdragon LTE modems. The Company is currently involved in automotive programs with most major global OEMs, covering technologies such as connectivity, infotainment, navigation, driver safety and Qualcomm Halo wireless electric vehicle charging.

I have experienced the multimedia Experience in Volkswagen “New vento” and “polo”. It was a surround sound experience. So, there is a lot more expectation from these Qualcomm 602A processsors.

Nvidia been integrating their GPUs into vehicles for finding obstacles and tracking distance with the Artificial Intelligence capability. It will help for the vehicles to avoid accidents. After computers, Laptops and mobiles, Semi-conductor industries started making revolution into vehicles by Actual integration and implementation.

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  1. Awsome… Fast Audi with Fast Qualcomm Processor…

    1. Yupp….2017 vehicles will be more smarter than today’s vehicles.

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