Asus R7 360 OC Graphic Card Review

Asus R7 360 OC

Asus R7 360 OC graphic card is the Latest Graphic card from AMD. It is manufactured by Asus. It is based on GCN 1.2 Architecture supporting new features. It is a 128-bit Graphic card which is perfect for Gamers and Video Editors. The True performance of this Graphic Card will be seen with Quad core or Hexa core processors.

AMD R7 360 OC Edition 2 GB can handle the gameplay @ 1440p with more than 30 FPS. It is DirectX 12 GPU with more draw calls and performance efficiency. The Graphics Quality delivered by this GPU is outstanding. I would like to recommend this graphic card to mid-range gamers.

AMD Test System

  • AMD FX 6300
  • Asus R7 360 2 GB OC Edition
  • Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3
  • Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR3 RAM

I have recently played Bioshock Infinite on this graphic card. It was running with ultra Graphics Settings with 60 FPS(1080p) and 110 FPS(768p).  I have also played Battlefield 4 with ultra settings at 60 FPS. The next generation of Tomb Raider Franchise which is “Rise of the Tomb Raider” supports full DirectX 12 Graphics Quality and can be played at 1080p with 45-60 FPS.

It is consist of 12 compute units and each compute unit comprises of 64 stream processors. Hence, it is 768 stream processors in this GPU. So, more number of stream processors, more the performance and less delay in switching between the frames.

In 12 compute units, one compute unit is dedicated to AMD True Audio Technology which gives  cinematic immersive experience which will save CPU Cycles. Before True Audio Technology, Audio were processed by Processor(CPU). This were consuming more CPU cycles and less performance due to Video and Audio less synchronization. And the Audio Quality were restricted to stereo channels. But with True Audio Technology, more channels can be processed by GPU. Headset will give you more immersive audio experience.

It is clocked at 1 GHz and can transfer memory bandwidth upto 112 GB/s. Now, memory bandwidth speed can be used for playing and streaming game at same time. AMD GVR Technology which is same as Nvidia’s Shadowplay technology records the gameplay at high settings with this compute power.

With advance progress in Hardware, developers have more headroom to think about the Hardware resource to use in a proper way that will create efficiency. Developers

Find out more about the Test processor here : AMD FX 6300 review

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