ARM based SOCs for Datacenter

AMD is introducing “Seattle”(city in washington,but AMD has chose as a codename for their Server cores) a 64-bit ARM based SOCs server System on a Chip(SoC) built on the same technology that powers the billions of mobile devices around the world.It has been made by deep expertise in the Server processor space along with ARM’s low power,parallel processing capabilities,Seattle makes it possible for servers for heavy workloads such as web/cloud hosting,multi-media delivery and data analytics to enable optimized performance.


ARM-based SOCs
Targeted workloads for AMD ARM SoCs

 Push for the Low power,parallel processing in Large Cloud Data Centers

The explosive demand of compute cycles generated from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones,is driving fundamental shift in server deployment models.With much of computing generated by these devices on the sever side,operators of the cloud data centers facing the huge pressure to meet the compute demands while minimizing the physical footprint or power consumption.Data centers managers are looking at the opportunities to offload certain parallel processing tasks onto new server and processor design that use numerous small,low power processors working in union with the dense clusters.

AMD’s Data Center Strategy Delivering performance that matters                                                                                           

                                                          AMD had understand that the compute requirements for many workloads are different.Their response to “about to happen” shift in the data center has been expand to the processor choice and deliver platforms that are specifically made for targeted workloads.By building such processors,they can enable the optimum amount of performance to efficiently carry out tasks while helping to provide substantial cost improvements in compute per watt per dollar.In the data center innovation,low power,small footprints CPUs and Accelerated Processing Units(APU)have been introduced for servers that help major efficiency gain in power use and cost for multimedia-oriented workloads.

                                                    Now,AMD has added “seattle”,a 64-bit ARM based SOCs server processor to company’s server processor offerings.Seattle combines the ARM A57 core on a System on a Chip(SoC) that contains all the server processor elements.

Introducing the AMD’s 64-bit ARM based SoCsbut why AMD+ARM?

                                AMD has the server architecture engineering expertise as their knowledge of integrating multiple layer of software in server processor design is good.They have the history of pioneering disruptive technologies for the data center introducing the first 64-bit implementation,first multi-core processor,first hardware enabled Virtualization.

                                As a building block Architecture,it is possible with ARM to innovate and develop custom software/chip architecture that can deliver meaningful gains in the processor execution of code instruction at low power.

AMD’s ARM Ecosystem 

                            AMD’s partners with dense server platforms such as HP and Moonshot had provided the delivery vehicle to enable optimal performance of ARM based SoCs.Company’s participation in the engineering consortium have provided an Open Source platform for optimizing software on ARM architecture and helping them to run Linux based Server OS for ARM Architecture.This will help to gains in workload optimized and energy efficient parallel processing.

 AMD Opteron A1100 Series ARM based processor Specification:

          Processor Cores:  4 or 8 ARM Cortex-A57 cores

          Processor Cache:  L2 Cache:-  4MB

                                       L3 Cache:-  8MB

          Memory Support: DDR3 or DDR4 (1866MHz/s)

          PCI Express 3.0: 8 slots

          SATA III ports: 8 ports

          Ethernet ports: 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports

          Co-processors: cryptograhic and data compression processors

                                       It’s a good news for developers that AMD is shipping around the developer kits which built around a MicroATX Motherboard,which is equipped with a Quad Core A1100 series processors with two registered DDR3 slots.Peripheral connector with a single x8,or dual x4 and eight SATA ports.It is supported with UEFI Bios.

                                    In terms of software,developer kits runs a version of Linux based on Fedora Technology from the RED HAT.It also include Apache Web Server,MySQL Database Engine and PHP Scripting languages for developing Web Applications.64 bit compatible versions of java 7 and java 8 are also included in the Kit.

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