Apple Virtual Reality coming soon

Apple Virtual reality

Apple have hired the VR Expert “Doug Bowman“. He was a Computer science tech at Virginia Tech. In there, he also served as the director for the University’s Center for Human-Computer Interaction. His background is strong as he shows a focus on 3D interaction, immersive environments and usability engineering. This sounds exciting as Apple Virtual Reality will be coming soon, but every company now and then getting into Virtual reality. VR is going to be the next frontier of Computing. It is not Qestion that Apple took initiative in VR, but how they will represent in public, “How they will showcase to the public ?”

According to his academic profile, Mr Bowman focused his research on “three-dimensional user interface design and the benefits of immersion in virtual environments”.

Apple has filed patents for smartphone-based VR headsets and made several acquisitions that seem to point to a growing interest in the technology. Lets see how they make their VR appearance in public.

His experience spans both fully immersive VR. As used in Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive headsets, as well as augmented reality, where transparent visors such as Microsoft’s Hololens, Google Glass and secretive start-up Magic Leap mingle digital images with the real world still visible.

So, we expect iphone 7 or higher version would support for this Next-Generation computing. Apple Virtual reality in Apple products will surely bring the smooth experience. The ARM chips in Apple are really optimized for every iOS Application. In the same way, they will optimize the hardware for Better Virtual reality Experience. VR Experience started from 3600 videos and it will long live Gaming Experience.

I think iOS developers have already started building Virtual Reality Apps for iphones, iPads. So stay tuned here for more updates on Apple Virtual Reality.

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