Apple A11 chip

Apple A11

People say, Apple got the most crunchiest chips in the world. Now Apple have always prove their chips, they use is highly efficient for their Apple devices.

Apple A11 is a processor that contains 64-bit ARM architecture with 4.3 billion transistors. It is manufactured by TMSC using a 10nm FinFet process. In All, there are 6-cores in A11 processor. 2-cores delivering high performance, where the performance is 25% more than the industry leading A10 processor. Remaining 4-cores are 70% faster than the A10 processor. There is inbuilt 2nd generation Apple designed performance controller that can handle 70% faster multi-threaded workloads.

Apple A11


A11 also consists of Apple’s first ever designed GPU, which can deliver 30% more performance than the GPU which is actually present in A10 GPU. performance of A11 GPU which is a 3-core design can provide the A10 performance at the half of the power used by A10.

It also consists of ISP which is Image Signal processor which helps to reduce the noise it is hardware enabled multi-band noise reduction, so that they can capture low-light pictures.

M11 Motion co-processor is embedded in Apple A11 processor. The A11 includes a new image processor which supports computational photography functions such as lighting estimation, wide color capture, and advanced pixel processing. This brings new Portrait Lighting Feature in iphone 8 and iphone X

Augmentation Reality is not a new thing, but if any mobile processor which is able to process it in real time. That’s a great thing. But no bragging about it, let’s wait for a hands-on experience.

Sensors in the front side plays a important role in new features. FaceID is the face detection technology which brings a new Dot projector which senses the face by projecting 30K Dots. It can even sense it in the dark with Infrared camera. It calculates the dots mathematical model and compare with the face which user saved when he created its FaceID for first time.

Animoji is something new, which in realtime animates emoji through your front camera. It senses all your face and creates animated emoji with Voice.

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