AMD’s First Embedded Discrete GPU

Embedded Discrete GPU

AMD Embedded Discrete GPU E8860

On 25th Feb 2014, AMD has announced first Embedded Discrete GPU E8860 (codenamed as “Adelaar”) industry’s first Discrete Graphic cards based on Graphic Core Next(GCN) architecture designed specially for the visual growth and parallel processing capabilities of Embedded Applications. It give double the performance with the same power from it’s predecessors.

Specifications of Embedded Discrete GPU E8860:

  •          Architecture:  GCN
  •         Graphic Memory:   2GB DDR5
  •         Shader Units: 640 units
  •        Compute Power: 768 GFLOPS                

Embedded Discrete GPU


  • E8860 GPU offers 3D and 4K Graphics to embedded gaming machines,medical imaging,commercial Aerospace and Conventional military and other Embedded Applications.  
  • A 33% higher single precision unit over the previous generation at 768 GFLOPS enables the AMD E8860 GPU to blast through the most complex parallel applications like terrain and weather mapping, facial and gesture recognition and biometric and DNA analysis. 
  • Legacy graphics no longer meet the needs of embedded solutions for today and tomorrow. With unprecedented performance-per-watt, the AMD E8860 GPU addresses the need to drive multi-displays, 3D and 4K content and GPGPU compute across small form factors, harsh environments and mission critical applications.
  • The AMD E8860 GPU, designed in multi-chip module packaging, comes with an industry leading seven year longevity supply guarantee and is available as a mobile PCI Express module (MXM) and PCI Express add-in-board.


              The AMD E8860 GPU drives multiple independent displays with support for AMD Eyefinity Technology(4), and supports DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2, and OpenCL(TM) 1.2 with support for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Embedded 7 Standard, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Linux and real-time and safety-critical operating systems supported by CoreAVI’s suite of embedded software drivers.

It can be used in Casino’s Gaming machine, medical and Imaging system. It is perfect solution for such customers without investing on a High end computer system.


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