AMD Technologies that enables Windows 10 Experiences

AMD Technologies

AMD Technologies that enable windows 10 experiences. There are total 10 AMD Technologies that enables Windows 10 Experiences in a visually better way. Technologies mostly forms the basis of Windows 10 requirement. Lets have a look at it

AMD Technologies

  • AMD based Windows 10 PC and Xbox one share same architecture. AMD A-Series APU based on same architecture as of Xbox one. If any developer wants to build their DirectX 12 games will be able to take advantage of same architecture on both Xbox one and Windows 10 PCs.
  • Windows 10 comes with DirectX 12 API which draws minimum number of calls than its previous generation API. AMD Enables incredible DirectX 12 performance.
  • AMD’s latest generation APU and GPU are capable to generate great Windows 10 Experience. They are DirectX 12 ready.
  • AMD Freesync Technology ends the screen tearing during gameplay. It provides  fluid performance with any frame rates. Games will look great on any AMD APU based Windows 10 PC, because it support for DirectX 12 and AMD FreeSync.
  • Asynchronous Shaders comes with AMD processors which based on GCN Architecture, can process multiple command streams in parallel, improving gaming performance and image quality.
  • Using DirectX 12 API, AMD can enable upto 15 times more details in game giving real life gaming experiences.
  • H.264 and H.265(HEVC) video Acceleration used to stream contents at the highest resolutions (4K and beyond) due to HEVC hardware based Decoder. Windows 10 media player also added support for H.265 video acceleration.
  •  AMD APU,  Secure Operation can be done with Secure boot and Drive key Encryption. AMD gives you dedicated security processor that is built into selected APU providing a wide approach to the security of the system.
  • AMD Processor and Accelerated processors comes with such power management features that increase responsive times by spending less time waiting and more time doing because it wakes up quickly. Number of processor power states are developed to manage the power in your processor.
  • Microsoft Edge Windows 10 browser features such as Javascript, HTML5 and WebGL are enhancements that are accelerated by AMD APU and GPU to enable next generation browser features.

The latest driver update catalyst 15.7 comes with DirectX 12 Enhancements which drives your Windows 10 Experiences. But If you want to experience all this technology, you should have a current generation AMD APU and DirectX 12 based AMD GPUs.

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