AMD SSD back again with R3 series


AMD SSD (Solid State Drives) strikes again after the release of R7 series SSD in 2014. Radeon R7 SSD was manufactured by OCZ but branded with AMD Radeon. Now, OCZ became a part of Toshiba America electronic Components on 1st April 2016.

AMD R3 series is just a Brand for their New SSD series. It is manufactured by Galt. If you are looking for the best way to boost your computer or laptop’s performance. With speed greater than 10 x than Traditional Drive, you can also access programs and boot up operating system.

The Size of the SSD is 2.5″ which can be fit into the Small form factor PCs and can be attached to the Notebook. The Compatibility of SSD is Intel or AMD-based Desktop PCs or Laptops.

Deep Dive into SSD Specifications

AMD R3 series consist of four SSD with different capacities. The capacity of SSD varies from 120 GB to 960 GB with their different part numbers. The Controller for all the SSD remains the same which is ” Silicon Motion SM2256KX ” . Each SSD is of same size and same thickness. 2.5″ long and 7 mm thick SSD form factor can fit into any HTPC computer. The most important thing is the Interface which is SATA III 6 Gbps.  The Nand Gate used in this R3 series is TLC. The weight of this SSD is about 115 grams.

Max Read speed of the SSD is about 520 MB/s and Maximum write speed is 450 MB/s. AMD have tried to maintain balance between performance and price for R3 series SSD as compared to R7 Series SSD. A detail reviewed about one of this  SSD will be later on the same post as I am getting hands on the R3 series 120 GB SSD.

AMD SSD strikes again with their brand but manufactured from Galt. The performance of this SSD will be actual on the test result. Let’s see what this non-moving object helps consumers in Gaming, running multiple applications.

The 120GB drive has a MSRP of $40.99, the 240GB sells for $69.99 and the 480GB SSD should set you back $136.99. AMD has not disclosed any pricing on the 960GB model but we expect it to be around $249.99.

Stay tuned for the ” Hands-on Review ”


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