AMD Ryzen Threadripper X399 Chipset


AMD has put lot of efforts building the Ryzen series and the most notable Threadripper Processor in the latest series. AMD’s Threadripper can help you build the ultra-high-end system. Now, let’s talk about the performance, as they claim it can easily outrun AMD Ryzen 1800X with its outstanding features. AMD Ryzen 1800X is the most powerful processor in the Ryzen series. Now, when we talk about the performance, the X399 chipset pays and worth for it.

X399 Chipset features :

  1. Powerful multi-threaded processor creative performance supporting AMD Threadripper processor.
  2. A fully featured 60 usable PCI-E lanes open up for the data transfer which is never imagined before for the mutli-core processors and GPUs.
  3. Supports Quad-Channel DDR4 RAM infrastructure with the 3200 MHz clock speed.
  4. Error correcting code memory(ECC Memory) can detect and correct the most internal data interruption with the support of 512 GB per DIMM slots.
  5. It also provides unlocked voltage and multipliers for overclocking of the processors.
  6. It supports upto 2 USB 3.1 Gen2 Ports, 14 USB 3.1 Gen1 Ports, 6 USB 2.0 ports
  7. It can support upto 12 SATA ports

 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X

AMD X399 chipset
                               AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processor

It consists of latest features :

  •  Total L1 Cache : 768 KB
  •  Total L2 Cache : 4 MB
  •  Total L3 Cache : 16 MB
  •  CMOS : 14nm Technology
  •  Package : sTR4 which is with the X399 chipsets
  • Total Number of Cores/Threads : 8-Core/16-Threads
  • Base clock/Turbo Core : 3.8 GHz/4.0 GHz
  • AMD SenseMI Technology

Now, this AMD SenseMI Technology is inbuilt in the processor at hardware level. So, this technology can be seen working, when the workload increases on the processor. Intelligently optimizes performance using XFR(Extended Frequency Range). It also uses Neural Network prediction and Smart prefetch, which maps how programs uses CPU power and algorithm uses to fetch the data behaves intelligently.

Now, this combination of AMD Ryzen Threadripper and X399 chipsets unlocks all the great power, which you guys expect from a high ultra-end system. Also, considering some of the reviews and benchmarks on the internet, it is considered as the successful product from the AMD in the years.

It is available in different variants starting price at 65,500 /- in India. In Other countries, it is somewhat around the 549$.


Installation of AMD Threadripper is shown in below video from AMD. 

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