AMD Ryzen Computing to new Horizon

At Austin event, AMD unveils its new Zen based high performance desktop processor. It is based on Zen Architecture (codenamed as”Summit Ridge”). In this event, enthusiasts got their hands on with this Desktop processor. It will officially launch in Q1 of 2017. Inspired by the Architecture, AMD has named this processor as AMD Ryzen which will be a new lineup of processors.

“The ‘Zen’ core at the heart of our Ryzen processors is the result of focused execution and thousands of engineering hours designing and delivering a next-level experience for high-end PC and workstation users,” said AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su. “Ryzen processors with SenseMI technology represent the bold and determined spirit of innovation that drives everything we do at AMD.”

AMD has introduced SenseMI, a set of sensing, adapting and learning new technologies which is built into its new AMD Ryzen Processors.

AMD SenseMI is enabled for the performance of the processor increase in 40% of Instruction per clock. It is comprised of five components.

  • Pure power : More than 100 sensors are embedded into the silicon chip for calculating millivolts, milliwatts and operating mode with energy consumption.
  • Precision Boot : Smart logic enables the minimum clock speed as low as 25 Mhz for the precision boot.
  • Extended Frequency Range :¬† when the system senses added cooling capability, XFR raises the Precision Boost frequency to enhance performance.
  • Neural Net prediction¬†: An artificial neural network is used for deep learning algorithms.
  • Smart Prefetch : ¬†Sophisticated learning algorithms that track the behavior of the software and prepares the data for it in advance.

The new horizon event showcased at 8-core/16-threads at 3.4 GHz . It is made for the digital content creators, innovators and Gamers. In the event, it showcased following benchmarks

Blender and Handbrake based image and video Transcoding shows that the AMD Ryzen, running at 95-Watt TDP out perform the Intel Core i7 6900K which is running at 140 TDP.

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen also outperform the match with Intel core i7 6900K, which is combined with a single Pascal Titan X GPU paired with both processors.

AMD Ryzen processors for desktops are expected to be available beginning in Q1 2017 and AMD Ryzen notebook processors are planned to launch in 2H 2017.



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