AMD ProSSG Technology


Now, what is ProSSG Technology? SSG stands for the Solid state Graphics Technology. This Technology is an innovative Radeon pro Technology with greater memory capacity to drive the high performance solutions. It will replace the traditional existing memory solutions.

The announcement for ProSSGwas made on 25th july 2016. AMD is developing a new solution for handling large data sets. As of now, it will be available as developer kit.

What are the capabilities of this Radeon pro Solution?

Consumers with demanding use-case scenarios like 8K video production, high resolution rendering, VR content creation, oil and gas exploration, computational engineering, medical imaging and life sciences.

During the demonstration of Radeon ProSSG Solution, 8k raw video timeline was accelerated and it shows the whopping jump in the frame rate from 17 Fps to 90+ fps. As a content editor and creator, 8k video post production is future proof.

How current existing GPU Memory works?

Current limitations require slices of data to be processed individually and later merged by software, and often incur significant latency for fetching additional data from system memory. These big data problems discourage developers in these domains from leveraging the advantages of the GPU.

Radeon Pro SSG memory addresses the big data problem for GPUs, paving the way for improved performance and dramatically increased user productivity.

Memory architecture

When needed information is not available in GPU memory, typical memory architecture requires the GPU to send a request to the CPU. The CPU then retrieves the needed content from CPU memory, or if not there then from a hard drive. This entails considerable overhead that limits GPU performance. With this new GPU technology, a one terabyte extended frame buffer is dedicated to support the GPU. This enables much larger datasets to be loaded locally, connected over a dedicated PCIe bus. When the GPU requests content, it looks first in the local frame buffer and only needs to involve the CPU if the data is not already in the extended frame buffer.


Applications for developer kits are now being accepted. These are available for $9,999. Full availability is planned for 2017. For more information and an application for a developer kit, refer to the Radeon website.

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