AMD PRO Control center for APU

AMD PRO Control Center

The new AMD PRO Control Center enables small and medium businesses to quickly and easily manage the power of AMD systems in the workplace. It includes key features, such as an AMD Energy Saver, PC Health Center, USB Blocker and Wireless Display.

Features Include:
  • Energy Saver: Quickly and easily schedule system start up  and shutdown times
  • PC Health Center: Schedule drive defragmentation, system backup and restore and manage system updates
  • USB Blocker: Protect your sensitive information by limiting USB storage device options
  • AMD Quick Stream PRO: Manage internet bandwidth by application and prioritize mission critical applications for maximum system resources
  • AMD RAID Xpert 2: Protect your digital assets and improve performance with RAID Xpert 2 management
  • Wi-Fi Display: Stop searching for dongles and go wireless  with AMD Wireless Display technology.

The AMD PRO Control Center compatibility is with the following desktop as well as Laptop processors.

Desktop Models                                                                                    Laptop Models

  •      AMD PRO A10-8850B                                                  AMD PRO A12-8800B
  •      AMD A10-8750                                                              AMD PRO A10-8700B
  •      AMD PRO A10-8750B                                                 AMD PRO A8-8600B
  •     AMD A8-8650                                                                 AMD PRO A6-8500B
  •     AMD PRO A8-8650B                                                    AMD FX-8800P
  •     AMD A6-8550                                                                 AMD A10-8700P
  •    AMD PRO A6-8550B                                                     AMD A8-8600P
  •    AMD A10-7870K                                                            AMD A8-7410
  •    AMD PRO A4-8350B                                                    AMD A6-8500P
  •    AMD A8-7670K                                                              AMD A6-7310
                             These desktop and laptop models will feature the Control Center characteristics. It will be very useful in IT industries, so that maximum security can be maintained in industry. The data in the industry is so much important so that no one will misuse it or use for its own benefits. This software will keep the track on the user’s session.It will help to save your PC’s power and will schedule system disk defragmentation and system backup and restore. It will also protect your information by limiting access to removable devices. This AMD PRO Control center utility is only available with Accelerated processing units from AMD, because its a combination of Power of CPU and GPU to enhance the performance and provide power efficiency.
For AMD APU users, you can download the AMD PRO Control center here

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