AMD Polaris GPU architecture – 14nm Technology

AMD polaris

AMD polaris GPU architecture is new architecture for Graphic processing units. Mostly, this GPU sample will be showcased in CES 2016. It is based on FinFet manufacturing technology. It is the same technology that Zen architecture is going to adapt. For many years, AMD and Nvidia were using 28 nm manufacturing technology. But AMD have made a way out with 14 nm FinFET technology. It will use less power and more performance or  will say in other words as increase in performance/watts.

The polaris architecture(previously named as “Arctic Islands“) is mainly used for Desktop, Laptop, workstation and Virtual reality. 28 nm architecture came with the launched of Radeon HD 7000 series graphic cards in 2011. After 5 years, we are going to witness a new architecture called as “polaris Architecture”. There are lot of expectations from the AMD’s FinFet based CPU and GPU in 2016.

AMD polaris architecture supports for new standards and capabilities in their GPU. AMD fans are expecting a lot from this GPU series. The previous generation Rx 300 series GPU series were also great in performance but required a more power to showcase the graphic power as compared to Nvidia GPUs. Now they are taking step by step implementation to achieve the energy efficiency goals “25x improvement by 2020 “.

The polaris architecture features AMD’s 4th generation Graphic Core Next (GCN) architecture. It will support for HDMI 2.0a and DisplayPort 1.3, and next-generation multimedia features including 4K h.265 encoding and decoding.

The AMD’s Polaris engineered sample for the GPU is ready to demonstrate. so upcoming CES 2016 will be more interesting.

AMD Polaris

The power efficiency is achieved with FinFET technology. This technology is also used in their AMD FX Zen architecture which will shipped in 2017. The polaris GPU architecture will also power the multimedia applications running on compelling small form-factor thin and light computer designs. These GPUs will also come with both GDDR5 and HBM memory.

AMD Polaris architecture-based GPUs expected to arrive in mid-2016.

What I came to Know?

AMD GCN architecture is getting improvised with the performance and power consumption. AMD GCN 4th generation have lot of improvements. Transistor per area is doubled effectively in two years, but it also leads to static leakage of current which will hurt the performance. Hence the use of FinFET technology. FinFET technology is used for 3D transistor. I remember the 3D transistor were used in Intel’s Ivy bridge processors. So, this technology in AMD polaris architecture will improve the power efficiency in Graphic cards. It will enable new products like Thin & Light Gaming Notebooks, Small form factor desktops and Discrete cards with less power consumptions.


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