AMD GPUOpen : A Step For Code Optimization


AMD GPUOpen is initiated by Radeon Technologies Group, a division that handles the graphic hardware and software development of the company. They announced a few days ago about their new technologies and video standards. The next part of their discussion was about the Linux and RTG’s developer relations.

Radeon Technologies have always been suffered due to the developer relations. But, If we look back a year ago, they have optimized the crytek engine for crysis 3 and tress FX effect for tomb raider. So they have started putting some efforts in the right direction.

Linux Driver support for Open Source 

Like radeon driver for windows, Linux driver support was not a successful. Nvidia’s Linux driver is always providing the consistent quality for Linux system. But they have introduced a new Linux stack

AMD GPUOpen linux software stack

AMDGPU itself is an open source kernel space driver , the heart of a graphics driver in terms of Linux driver design. The Open source driver will allow fully access to the open source environment. AMDGPU kernel space driver as their core for open source and closed source. AMD is trying to maintain the closed source driver around the Open source.

AMD GPUOpen : RTG’s SDKs, Libraries, & Tools To Go Open Source

Company is trying to maintain the developer relations. They are allowing access to their Tools, SDK and effects. AMD  GPUOpen is same as Nvidia Gameworks. RTG is also focusing on their next generation consoles. Using Nvidia, they have been successful in reaching developers with this method. Gameworks in Nvidia always created a hurdle for AMD Graphic cards. GPUOpen will be bringing RTG’s various SDKs, tools, and libraries. TressFX, LiquidVR, CodeXL, and their DirectX code samples underneath the GPUOpen branding umbrella. RTG is also developing an Open portal for accessing it. GPUOpen portal will be open source and licensed under MIT license.

AMD GPUOpen portal access

GPU and Game resources mentioned above will be available in Janaury 2016. It consist of Effects, Tools, Libraries and SDKs. Company will also host projects with the resources on Github. These collaboration will help the low level PC developer. RTG’s focused point is to develop relations with the developer.

AMD GPUOpen is only solution for Game Code Optimizations.

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