AMD FX processor a.k.a bulldozer as the codename of their processor after K10 architecture.This processor was called as AMD FX 8-core processor and it was unlocked for overclocking pleasure.It was industry’s first 32nm processor for pure core performance with unmatched multitasking.

AMD FX Architectural features:-

     AMD FX-8-core processor

  • 8 cores were embedded into the silicon chip in 4 modules(2 cores in each module).
  • 32nm die shrink designed reduce leakage for improved efficiency,increase clock rate and space for thermals.

      AMD Turbo CORE Technology

  • Turbo CORE technology is a performance boosting technology which helps the application where it needs the most.
  • If there is a 8 core processor and when u use the turbo core,only two processor will be running at such a high speed higher than that of 8 core clock rate.

      FX Instruction Capabilities 

  •             AVX

                      Advanced Vector Extensions are the extensions to the instruction sets in the x86 processor from AMD and Intel increase parallelism tailored for scientific and 3D applications that uses heavy floating point operations.

  •             FMA4 and XOP

                       FMA4 means Floating Point vector Multiply which improves throughput and performance on many vector functions(integer and floating point).

  •             AES

                     Advanced Encryption Standard increases performance on the latest encryption applications like Truecrypt and benchmark like PCMark.

       AMD balanced smart cache

  •   It has shared L3 Cache(upto 8 MB)
  •   It helps to increase the scheduling and pre-fetch capabilities.
  •   provides a coherency for all 8 cores.

       AMD wide Floating point Accelerator

  •    It has shared FP Scheduler for scheduling Floating point Operations.
  •    Dual floating point 128-bit units(capable for 256-bit AVX instruction operating separately on each core).

      AMD HyperTransport Technology

  • with HT 3.0, FX processor can total bandwidth of 37GB/s(HyperTransport+system bus).

     Integrated DRAM controller and AMD Memory Optimizing Technology

  • High Bandwidth and Low Latency Controller.
  •   Supports upto 1866 MHz/s.
  •   Upto 30GB/s bandwidth of DDR3.

     AMD-V  Virtualization Technology with IOMMU

  •   IOMMU is an extension to AMD-64 architecture to support address translation and access protection on DMA transfers.
  •   AMD-V is a Hardware assisted virtualization to run more smoothly and enabling a better experience when dealing with virtual machines.  

       AMD Cool’n’Quiet Technology

              Enhanced power management features with automatically switching the power states of the processor. processor have many power saving states called as C-states.

  •   C1 state-Halt State(where the processor is in idle State)
  •   C1E-Extended Halt State(only pentium 4 processor supports this state)
  •   C2 state-Stop clock state(where the clock speed of the processor is down and it takes long time to wake up from that state)
  •   C3 state-Sleep state(where the processor does not need to keep coherent with the cores)

                  C6  state for cache flush and power down individual cores

                  CC6 state which is used to power down even lower.

                Processor states works automatically without the need of enabling it from BIOS.

AMD FX Benchmarks:-

                                   As you can see that the AMD FX 6100 which is a 6 core processor clocking at 3.32 GHz is 2 times faster than the phenom II X2 545(dual core) clocking at 3.02 GHz

Benchmark of Image Rendering in CINEBENCH 11.529


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